Thursday, May 5, 2011

Just Proud

I'm so proud I don't know where to start first. I have great news all round. Well let me start by saying a very proud moment for me.

Yesterday I was working hard selling my magazines when a lot of big guys wearing red shirts with the symbols The Reds. Now most would think YES this is great but out of the corner of my eye I noticed EJ from the Triple M radio Brekky Crew. Now I have meet and spoken to EJ on air a few times over the past year and every time she takes time to be nice to me so I have a lot of respect for her.

Well I notice she's doing a promotion with The Reds so I just move down a bit and put my head down and kept working, thinking she's busy with big footballers. Like there big and good looking and I would look over and move down more away. Well you won't believe this but they did the photo's thing and EJ came walking towards me. I GOT A KISS ON THE CHECK and she asked how I was doing by name? I straightened my back and pushed out my chest and felt much bigger then any of the other boys. I was proud not because I got a kiss on the check, Not because I knew how famous she was, Not because she remembered my name, but because here she was with famous footballers and she walks away from them to come and talk to a person selling Big Issue Magazines while everyone was watching and kissed me on the check and didn't care who seen it and we talked for a good few minutes.

Now in the last 12 months or so I have been with Peter Garrett, Kevin Rudd, Cameron Dicks and many others doing promotional things and I have to say EJ was the only one that I could see that really got it. People are people.


Now for a few weeks I been telling people that most homeless can't afford to buy clothes so must don't and live in what they have. So I have asked people to donated clothes to the homeless by bring them to me and I would take them to Micah homeless Centre. Well the day was today I collected all the clothes from people dropping them off and let me say I was proud to see people cared enough to care enough to go through there cupboards and bring in good but unwanted clothes.

I got sleeping bags to suits and every bit of clothing you could think of. I had the biggest smile just watching people walking to work holding plastic bags of clothes and dropping them off for me to hand in.

Before I go on about how great it went I would like to mention Denise and Dave. Not only did they bring in clothes from there home but they email and talked to people at both there workplaces and said they would collect the clothes and bring to me. (A huge haul). Now lots of people collected clothes and it's really a great effort. I would say at least 30 people handed clothes in. Now some of the ones that let me take pictures I did. If you see any of these please shake there hand or give great big hugs because there great and I'm proud of each and everyone of them.

Right now I'd love to say all clothes made it to the Micah homeless centre but only ¾ did because as homeless people went past a lot knew what I was doing today and hit the piles quickly. But really it's what I collected them for. Giving homeless clothes for free and giving them respect wearing them. Who knows maybe today changes someone's ideas and he or she decides today it's time to get on there feet and start fresh. I can only hope.

Now when all the bags had arrived and a ¼ already taken I was standing there thinking now I have to get them all to the Micah homeless centre and started waving down taxi's. 40 minutes later in one of Brisbane's busy-est street. Oh I saw a lot of empty cabs but as soon as they seen all the bags they just speed off. Now I'm a smart guy so I asked for a trolley and started carrying all the bags to the Taxi rank across the road and it took 6 trips but I got it there. Ha ha. I was a man with a mission. I waited for a wagon and just opened the back door and started piling the bags in. The Taxi started saying “Your going to need two cabs” I kept thinking I can't pay for two cabs because I was paying for it. So I said the only thing I could think of. “Yes mate but I'll full this one first” and started packing faster. Then again “Your going to need two cabs” my heart racing trying to pack even faster to get the bags into his cab. I filled the back and the back-seat and with the last bag I put on my lap and jumped into the front seat. Turning to the guy I said “wow we got it all in, that was close” Oh course with a warm smile. Ha ha.

Getting to the homeless centre and unloading the taxi the lady came out to collect it all saying how much there was and what a great thing I was doing and that it would help so many. I didn't have the heart to say that ¼ was already handed out to homeless people. Beside if they hadn't it would have cost more because there was no way I was fitting any more into that taxi. But then there was room on the roof. Ha ha.

The goodness went all around today. People felt good in themselves giving clothes they don't want to a good course, Homeless got clothes to improve there clothes and feel better within themselves, The homeless centre felt good getting a lot of clothes to help others and then there's me, I was proud of everyone. The people giving the clothes, the people taking the clothes and may stand proud and the homeless centre for continuing the work.

Now a lot said they didn't have enough time to get clothes ready so yes I'm doing it again Friday week which happens to be Friday 13th. We will turn a bad day into a great day for the homeless people. Ha ha. So please I'm asking again look and maybe there's something you would like to give to help someone who needs it.


I thank you for reading and please if you like it then tell others. If you think what I'm doing here is good and would like to donate then please do because I could do so much much more with funds. I thank the 3 people that have.

Most of all I hope you have a great day.
Grant the Polite Guy.
P.S I took alot of pictures but I can't seem to be able to put them up here right now. I will add as I can.


  1. Hi Grant, Just a quick "hi" - a friend of mine on Twitter pointed me towards your blog. Just want to say what a great job you're doing and thanks from the collective universe for putting out such great, positive and much needed energy. Take care and have a great day :)

  2. Great job Grant. I am in Sydney but will let my Brizzie friends know to look in their wardrobes and give you a hand if they have any clothes they dont want this winter. Susan

  3. Grant, have you told us about meeting Kevin Rudd and Peter Garrett?? If there is a story to share I would love to hear it!

  4. Hi Grant, It was such a lovely night despite being Friday the 13th, and it was made all the more special by your company, story, and fun. Thankyou! Jo F