Saturday, January 29, 2011

More Homeless due to Floods

A lot of people have been asking me about the cat. Well I accidentally left the front door open and the cat rushed outside. A few hours later it came back purring and nice. I spoke to Melissa (owner) and said the cat went outside and she said that's okay it'll always come back for food. So I'm going to let it out to get exercise outside then it'll be worn out to mess with me. Ha ha

I have you ever seen on T.V one of them wild cats where they jump and all paws swinging in the air and there teeth are coming straight for you. When you see them you say savage cat. Well I want one of them to look after it'll be tamer then this one. Ha ha. Tomorrow I'm going to sports store to buy cricket ball protectors. I think I need them. Ha ha


I've noticed a lot more homeless in the city now after the floods. Some of them have lose everything and no-where to go and for some just given up on themselves is the only thing left. This wouldn't be just here in Brisbane, it'd be everywhere that the floods hit.

I can say when you wake up one morning and realise you have nothing in the world then it's easier to not want to wake up. I feel for so many of the people that lost everything. Some will want to talk about it and some will shut themselves away, I'm thinking another pie and drink day coming very soon. I have woke up with nothing many of days and know how bad it can feel. For the ones that want to talk about it, They will have someone to hear them and maybe something uplifting for them to hear. The ones that don't will get at least a couple of pies and a drink and of course all I see will get a piece of paper with all the homeless helps I know about.

Now more then ever these people need to know where all the food vans and charities help are. Speaking of which I'd like to thank Arnold for the information given to me about help in the states. I am trying to get as much information as I can from everywhere and I've asked everyone reading this to please help me as it's a huge area (the world)ha ha.

I can't believe it, a customer just came to me and said if I go to the Centre-link office they will give me a list of all the help and charities in there area. I said “Great which one do you live near?” his reply was “Oh I was just going to tell you where to go not do it myself.”

I thought right away all my customers and people that read my blog live everywhere, how easy would it be for some to just walk in and ask for a piece of paper that they already have printed and just sitting there. If they felt uneasy they could say it's for Grant. So there I was thinking I know it'll help many people, I'll just have to do it all myself. Then one of my customers Jaye Flegg came to have a chat to me. Telling her all about it she says “Back in 10 minutes”

10 minutes later she handed me a list of all the Centre-link officers in Queensland. Saying “I'll do half” I know she works very hard and when my back hurts I can do these on my days off. I just said “I'd fax them a letter and ask them to fax me what they have on all the homeless help they have.” At our Post Office you can pay to send faxes and pay to receive them.

I have got a lot of help from people in the past and sometimes I ask if I can mention them in my blog. Trust me I have a large list of people yet to ask. Ha ha. But this is Jaye, Hey look I now know how to post pictures YES.
Jaye has always been such a great person and someone I'm very proud to call my friend. She has emailed me many of times with encouragement and information already with homeless helps.

I remember saying to her I lost a bag of cloths and things that I had stashed under bushes instead of carrying when the floods came. The hardest part about replacing it was getting a good bag. The rest I get from Lifeline and Salvo's and things like that. Jaye bought me a new bag. I ask this, There's her picture if you see her say hi because she really is a great person. I know the world is a better place because of her and people like her.

Please don't get me wrong there's a lot of people I'd love to write about, but wouldn't unless I asked first.


Please send in any information about where charities are or really any help out there which help the homeless and people in need.

If you like my blog then please pass it on to others. There's the Facebook and Twitter tabs to pass it or just pass on the address.

If anyone would like to email my it's

I hope you all have a great day and thank you for reading my blog.

Grant the Polite Guy.

Okay still trying to figure out how to post pictures with text writing. She got a pic on my Follower List. Sorry
Yes I did it. ha ha. Top left hand corner above the ads. Hey I am getting better. Not perfect but better. ha ha

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