Saturday, June 4, 2011


Oh have I done it now. I was on the phone with the manager of 139 Club Inc. (which is a Homeless Centre that helps homeless with lots of things.) talking with Elwin about doing another clothing collection so they can be handed out to the homeless. Well there I was talking away next thing I know I'm saying about maybe having a B.B.Q out the front of there place on a Sunday and handing the clothes directly to them at the same time.

Then I thought how about helping more people at once a B.B.Q at the park and have all Homeless centres tell everyone that comes through there doors about it. Here's how I see it, I do the pies and drink thing a lot and I know it helps but it helps only for one day, but having a B.B.Q in a park and helping hundreds with food and clothes and things like that. Now that may make a difference.

An event, B.B.Q'S going with tables and tables of clothes and shoes and toiletries. Also some entertainment in the background. I can ask charities to help out as well with different things. I might even get someone to do face painting for the kids. I could ask people from job clubs to come too. But the most important thing would be asking people to just come a say hi to everyone. The way I see it is that if homeless people feel special from people taking time to just say hi then it may be what they need to get back on there feet. Hey if I set this up and it helps one person to get on his or her feet faster then it's more then worth it.

So on the 10th of July at New Farm Park which is in 5 weeks OHNO only 5 weeks. I'm going to have a great B.B.Q so I'm inviting all my friends here and the wonderful customers I have to meet all my new friends which I haven't meet yet.

So what to do to make this work? I don't know, I have never did one of these before. Ha ha. I'm going to reach out to all the contacts I have and ask very politely to help with things.

Well I'm going to ask everyone to go through there clothes again and donate what they can. I was also thinking of asking people when they go grocery shopping again to maybe buy an extra bottle of shampoo or a soap bar or razors. Then put them aside and bring them to the B.B.Q to donate. That would help heaps.

I'll be looking for people who would be able to cook the BBQ or do salads, hand bags of free stuff out, face paint, entertainment, and the biggest job of all be yourselves and say “hi” to someone.

Well now that I have lost half my readers. Ha ha. I'll be serious, Doing this one day could make a huge difference to people and I think it not can be done but needs to be done. A lot of people come to me and say things like “Grant your a Top Guy” and “I'm glad I know you Grant” well I heard it once. Ha ha. But the point is before I started doing the Big Issue I was the same as the worst guy that turns up to this. Sometimes people are looking for that turning point in life and if this event helps just one person it's worth doing it 10 times over.

I say “Who's with me to make a really difference and say it's time and were here to help” Right now I'm thinking of two things.
1/That movie The 3 musketeers saying “All for one and one for all” (yes I have music playing and I raised my fist in the air) ha ha.

2/Most of these people have families.

So I asking anyone and everyone, for this I'll need clothes, can food, toiletries, shoes, blankets and everything for a B.B.Q (meat, bread, salads, sauces and everything else) If anyone can help please do because this is doing a great thing.

Now I had to think of a name for this event and trust me the first was Grant's mates. Ha ha. But this is bigger then me and it would lose the meaning so I thought about it and came up with 'Mates Helping Mates' That way everyone has the same title 'Mate' and it's the Aussie way. A mate helping out a mate when he needs it.

I'll be honest if no-one helps I'll still do this but it won't be as good and have less meaning, but if 100 people help out and the day is a huge success then maybe it'll show people care.

I thank you very much for reading my story and please if you like it then tell others. I have the donation button on the top left of the page and really if I needed help it's now so I can make this happen.
Thank you again and I hope you have a great day.
Grant the Polite Guy

P.S If you can volunteer for this BBQ please let me know in an email on

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