Thursday, June 9, 2011

BBQ for all

Oh have I got great news to share. First of all for a few weeks now I've had to keep this hush hush but now I can say please buy the Sunday Mail (Newspaper) this Sunday. I'm in it. YEAH. Ha ha.

Okay now if you haven't read my blog for a while you may not know about my BBQ I'm doing. Well let me say shame on you for not reading it everyday. Ha ha No really I'm excited about what is coming together so well. But I'll explain what I'm doing.

This BBQ will have about 1,000 homeless people and about 1,500 working people. I know what a big BBQ but really I help the homeless by giving pies and cokes a lot, but this is going to help about a 1,000 at once. Here's the plan.

I'm asking everyone I know to help with this one. On the day homeless people will turn up and be given clothes and toiletries and having a great BBQ. I have even worked out to get a make up artist to do make-up for the ladies that want it. Now the best is Jemma from Lucid Living Pictures is going to be doing a 'Before and after pictures' for those that want them. So really what it means is they get lots of clothes and for some that want to put them on, then we can some them how great they look.

While eating there BBQ there's going to be 1,500 working people to talk too and let them feel part of our community. Being a BBQ means it's a social event and most people talk to others at social event and with so many working people around as well maybe some will rub off onto the homeless.

Now that's not all that's turning up. We have people coming from Mental Health, The Scouts, Drug Arm which has one of the Food Vans that help homeless everyday in the streets and many more yet to confirm to come.

But the best of all I have lot's of emails from people saying there collecting clothes and toiletries from everywhere to donate for this. Really is this the community coming together for the homeless or what!! ha ha.

Now I still get every now and then “your just a Big Issue Vendor” well let me say this Big Issue Vendor cares about not just myself but those I can help as well. Like really how many people would want to set-up a BBQ for 2,500 people at a park just to help the homeless. Ha ha (only crazy ones because it's a lot of work. Ha ha)

So I'm asking all please come and have a BBQ with me and maybe help someone by showing you care by giving the best gift of all 'your time'.

OH and I'm asking for everyone to please look and see if there's any clothes or blankets or really anything you never want to see again (no husbands donated please) Just bring them to our BBQ and enjoy the day or bring to me in the city any day. If you have a lot then maybe someone may be able to do a pick up, also I've been asking people every time they go to the shops to buy things please grab one toiletries item and just put in a bag. At the end of the 5 weeks there may be a few things to donate.

If people want to ask friends and neighbours for clothes and things for the homeless then just say Grant the polite guy said so and they can come to the BBQ too. Ha ha Then give them my blog address and I get more readers and help for the BBQ. Ha ha Life is good.

Some people ask me why I'm doing this because I need to get on my feet as well. Well to be honest I'm doing things like this because I feel it needs to be done in my heart. You don't need to have a lot of money to help people just a good heart. There's plenty of people with more money then they will ever spend yet never help anyone. As I've always said “Helping people is not a duty but the right thing to do”

So here's my plea. On the 10th of July from 10am to 4pm at New Farm Park I'm having a BBQ where I'm going to help as many homeless as possible and I ask you all to collect what you can and bring it to our BBQ and give it to someone that needs it and oh course enjoy a great BBQ, Aussie way.

I will add, the most important things is clothes that can be used for job interviews and warm things because winter is coming.

This is going to be a great day so come join us.

I would like to thank you all for reading my blog. Please, to make this BBQ bigger invite all you know to read this post, an easy way to do this is by clicking one of the buttons next to the comments box oh and of course come yourselves. If you would like to donate money please do so with the donation button at the top left of the screen.

I hope you all have a great day and thank you again.
Grant the Polite Guy.

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  1. Hey Grant,

    it's Ash here hope all is well mate. I've sent you and email and also asked all of my friends on FB to help as well. So hopefully get a good turn out. hope to catch up soon and keep up the good work.