Saturday, June 4, 2011

A Bird In The Hand

Now I must admit I get busy or to be honest I don't have much money and I can't spare much to do posts, But let me tell you about a beautiful girl I know (sorry guys she has a great boyfriend, I know I asked. haha)and yes i have done a post about her in the past Jemma Gorring. Now Jemma has been so kind to me that she is a person I can be proud to say she's my friend. Always asking how things are and really deep down a great person. Well one night she tells me how excited she was about putting together her first short film and you won't believe me but of all the great people she know's she asked me to introduce it on stage. I mean I was so proud just to be there but to be asked to introduce it, 3 words came to mind all night "Manners mean everything" so Phoebe and I stepped on the stage and I talked about my experiences before and since making the short documentary with Jemma Gorring and Phoebe Escott-kenny titled Grant The Polite Guy to an audience where both this film, and Jemmas new film A Bird In The Hand were screened.

It was a wonderful night and I wanted to share with you here today just a few more things of Jemma’s as I think she makes wonderfully touching films and these should be viewed by everyone! First off, on the night she was selling DVD’s of her new film ‘A Bird In The Hand’ which can only be exclusively seen if you buy a copy. She still has a few more for sale and they are $20 each plus $5 postage which you can buy from her website HERE

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All proceeds go towards the fees and costs involved in entering this film into short film festivals around the world, which is really all she wants – for her work to be seen. Which brings me to the next part that you can do to support her, just look at her work! She runs her own film and photography business called Lucid Living Pictures and you can like her on facebook, follow her on twitter or subscribe to her on youtube (and if your feeling super generous you can do all three!) The links are below so please take the time to do at least one. Thanks so much for reading, and please don’t forget about my BBQ fundraiser for the homeless on July 10th, all the information is on my blog here

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