Friday, October 22, 2010

Skipping Time.

Well it's Friday morning 4:30am and my back is hurting and I can't sleep. I've been walking around looking at a lot of the shops through the windows and just waiting for daybreak and then people will start coming into the city.
Sometimes I think this is the best time of the day. No-one around just me and the world. Except of course and few drunks and council workers and other homeless people on benches and in the parks which have not woken yet.

So there I was thinking there was nothing to do but wait. I decided to go on line and do some funny stories for my customers, when I started looking at all the info pages I get when I login. I checked the numbers and guess what. I have people in 9 countries looking at my blog. Here I am a simple guy and people from other countries want to read about things I have wrote. Hey politeness works YEAH.
Australia 420
United States 48
United Kingdom 4
New Zealand 3
Denmark 2
India 2
Argentina 1
Ethiopia 1
South Africa 1

I really wish a lot of you could see me right now I have the biggest smile I've had in a long time. I'm almost ready to forget that my back hurts and skip down the road. Ha ha. I think I will try anyway I'm so happy.

But the best news yet, I checked the money info and having 483 visits my site (I know some people have viewed a few times) $20.63 so far I have earned but it's cost more then that using the computer in the shopping centre. But it's only a start and I get more out of it just doing something good. Even bigger smile then before now. Ha ha. Of course I don't get it until it reaches $250.(That's just mean ha ha) So PLEASE if you like my site tell others. Thank you in advance.

So I'd like to thank everyone for reading my stories. I guess it shows that when I asked people to email or tell others about my blog they really did. Thank you it's made me feel like I am doing something good. Also the comments from you has really inspired me so much.

Ever watched one of them movies where the guy had everything then lost it all because of an accident and became homeless, Then worked hard and became successful and rich and started helping others. That's going to be me except I help others now when I can.

I know this posting is not the funny stories I usually have of which I'm sorry, but I wanted to share my great news with you all as well. Well I'm off to skip down the road and go greet my customers with a “good morning”

To everyone in all countries “Good morning and have a great day”
Grant the Polite Guy.


  1. Hi Grant!

    I like your posts whether your telling your stories or your just saying what your thinking :) keep them coming! :)

    Im interested in hearing things about you like what you do when your not selling the Big Issue, what are some of your favourite things, whether you have your favourite music or books etc? Other little things also like when its your birthday, and if there are many other things that make you happy.

    I always try my best to say hello to you when I walk past, but more often than not your chatting to someone buying your magazine! So I dont always get the chance.

    I hope you have a great weekend :)

  2. I don't go to Queen Street often so I have never met you. I hope one day I do.

  3. Grant, I am the young man that bought the big issue from you today. It was a spare of the moment type thing, i have only stopped a few times before, but i'm glad I did today.
    After wandering around the city, running erands, I read your thank you note, and how delightful it was! Improving your day, made mine better.

    I went back to try to find you on the corner you were standing but you were no longer there.
    Shame, I hope to run into you again Grant...

    Your friend, Jordan.

  4. I purchased a copy of The Big Issue from you today (I was the girl in the sunglasses) and I would like to say thank you. Your thank you note and kind smile turned a bad day into a beautiful one. I hope you continue to brighten strangers days with your generous spirit.

    Your friend,


  5. Hi Grant,

    I saw a link to your post from a friends site. Such an inspiration and you really do have an amazing outlook on life. Hope you get your life back on track and get your back sorted.

    Will look out for you next time i'm in the city

    Take care and have a nice day :)


  6. Hi Grant
    I am glad you have set up this blog to share your thoughts - you have an interesting perspective from selling the Big Issue and watching the world go by... I'm sure you see all sorts and I look forward to reading more of your stories!
    I find your attitude despite your circumstances an inspiration.
    Have a great day!