Tuesday, October 19, 2010


In my travels I have seen so many people willing to help others in a caring way. I'm not just taking about money but really sometimes just someone to talk to makes a bad day into a great day. Here's a few people I know of that do such a thing.
There's this lovely girl named Niki. Now she was talking to me one day and told me she buys 4 $1 scratchies and during the week when someone looks sad or just having a bad day she gives them one. Saying “Looks like your having a bad day so here's a scratchie for free to improve your day.”
When she told me this, I pulled the sadist face I could then laughed. She said “Don't have any left ha ha” then said while patting me on the back “I'm to happy to get one” (How mean)

This only happen last week. I was walking in Paddington and I noticed a guy with a few bags and looking like he sleeps on the streets. I had made good sales that day and went and started talking to him with 2 pies in hand. I said “One for you and one for me mate” we started talking and he was telling me how things have changed while pulling out a wine flask. Now I really don't drink wine but as I say when in Rome do as the Romans do. This guy was one of the funniest guys I've met and we had great laughs for a few hours. When I left I thanked him for his time and gave him $12 to buy another wine flask. The guy stood as I was leaving and wanted to shake my hand. Doing that meant a lot to me and I'd be happy to always call him my mate. Now the goodness he gave me was his time.

Okay now this one happened a while ago but I still laugh about it now. There was this guy that walked towards me pulling out his wallet and taking out a $5 dollar note. This happens a lot and I always say as there coming towards me “Good morning or G'day mate”
This guy steps up to me with the note and says “maybe tomorrow” and laughs as if he had said the funniest joke ever as he walks around me. Now I will say my smile didn't last long, but then I had a bigger smile then before. You see as he was enjoying himself so much he had slid his wallet down his pants but not in the pocket. The wallet fell to the ground and me being a nice guy I picked it up and did whisper “sir your wallet.” He didn't hear me. Now I know what your thinking, I didn't take the money but I did hand it in to the police station (a week later.) Now for the goodness, I handed in a wallet with money so the nice guy could get it back.
P.S I still laugh about that one a lot. Ha ha and he never did it again. What's that saying "He who laughs last laughs longest."ha ha

Speaking of goodness, I'd like to thank you all for reading my stories and for those that give comments which has been great. There's a saying “It's easier to to quit then to go on.” But after reading the comments there's no-way I'll stop. Thank you all. I feel like I'm giving something back.
Grant the Polite Guy.


  1. Grant this was a great blog post - its just what we were talking about this morning, your presence is your greatest gift!

    Keep up the great work, Laura.

  2. Great blog post Grant! :) :)

  3. Nice post Grant,

    Karma is a wonderful thing sometimes!


  4. It's absolutely disgusting that someone could trick big issue vendors into thinking they wanted to buy a magazine. It really makes me sad to hear that there are people like this - thank god we have people like Grant who know the difference between right and wrong!!!

  5. grant, i like this post a lot. personally, i would have spent his money on a steak and a beer for lunch and thrown his wallet in the bin, but i guess im not as polite as you. i like your outlook on life, thanks for the great blog.