Saturday, October 2, 2010

The start of something great.

Hi, this is Grant the polite guy!

WOW I'm on the internet, I've come so far.
First I'd like to thank my customer and mate Michael for giving me the idea and setting this up for me, he's a really top guy.

Okay where to start!
I did my year 10 high school in NSW and my dad said I could leave school if I did a trade or join the army. I did both. Four years later I started at Sizzler's Restaurant and worked off and on for 12 years at a few stores. Also worked as a baker and rigger. Man of many trades, haha. I got married and had 3 wonderful kids, who I'll be proud to post pictures of later.

3 years ago I had a serious accident on some stairs. 9 months and 3 hospitals later I'm heading home with a metal back brace, a walking stick and pain that wouldn't let up. I did all my rehabilitation exercises and went back to work as fast as I could. But my injuries were bad and I didn't last long. At the time I wanted to work more than anything (a man supports his family) but the pain would get so intense that I had to quit. I hit depression and I'd really had enough. I lost everything and I started sleeping on the streets in Anzac Park and other quiet and safe places. The pain wouldn't stop, and I remember thinking that there wasn't much left for me. I guess I was waiting to just waste away. I was asked by a girl who sold magazines if I'd like to sell magazines to earn money. I jumped at the chance to work again (didn't really jump, haha). I went to the office and the next day I was working again. I'd like to say that everything was great from there, but hey everyone has ups and downs and that's life. Anyway that day made me a worker again, and for that I'll always be thankful.
Now I sell the best magazines on Queen St ( Post Office Square), Brisbane City. I'm meeting lots of different people everyday with different views and experience, but more than that, I hear a lot of stories about hardships and victories, from homeless people right through to big bosses. I'd really like to share some with you. Unless I asked to, I would never mention names of course. I never want this to be a gossip blog; more like a feel good blog. Which brings me to something very important: if I ever offend anyone, please tell me and I'll be more then happy to edit or delete anything here.

As I was saying, I'd really like to be able to tell you all about some of the things I hear and see as a magazine seller in the city of Brisbane. There's a lot of good that happens that doesn't make the news or the papers. This blog will share some of those stories, known to a magazine seller. I really hope you like them as much as I feel good knowing that I'm giving something back.

To people that buy my magazines or give me tips, I thank you not just because I earn money but because my magazines are there to help people down on their luck, and to give them a hand up not a hand out. Without good hearted people like you, I and many others may not have been able to stand tall again. I believe in karma, so for your kindness I hope something really good comes your way.

Doing my job I'm talking to people all time. I always try to be polite and say, “Have a nice day,” and things like that. A guy who never bought a magazine from me stopped one day and said, “I never stop but you always are polite,” and thanked me for that. From that day on he's called me, “Grant the polite guy.” So that's how I came up with the name. I'd like to take credit for being polite but really my parents drummed it into me when I was young and it's now a habit - a habit I like having because being nice to people is much easier and as I always say, “Manners cost nothing and I have heaps”. I think sometimes manners and a good outlook on things go along way in life (I know I only sell magazines, but I'm happy).

Thank you for reading my introduction and I hope you have a great day :-)

P.S. I'm going to add a new story or posting every week so please add this site to your favourites list and enjoy them. I'd really love to hear your ideas about what I should put on here. Email me at Thank you again.

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  1. I like this blog. I hope everything goes well for you :)