Thursday, October 14, 2010


When I was a boy my dad would pull me aside and tell me “You can always judge a man by never his money but the amount of friends or even mates that he has.” as a young boy I never really understood this. Now I know now just how true it is. I'm going to tell you about one of my very good friends that helped me close to the start.
I was sleeping in the park and “Swani” showing a warm smile and said “Hi there would you like to join me in having a coffee” I will say I was overwhelmed by it. I woke up a bit better and said “I don't drink tea or coffee thanks.” A few minutes later we were chatting and I had nice cold bottle of coke in front of me. Ha ha I do love my coke.

This was the start of a great friendship. I was working now selling my magazines and getting on my feet more. Swani came and seen me early one morning and said “Breakfast my treat” again showing that warm smile. We went to a nice cafe and Swani said “order anything you want Grant my treat” Well being pretty hungry I asked the girl taking the order for the big breakfast please.
Sitting there talking and waiting for a much wanting big breakfast I heard voices “I think it's him.” turning around to see what was happening I noticed they were talking about me. I lifted my shirt slightly and sniffed. I knew I hadn't showered for a few days “Swani I'm so sorry” hanging my head down and thinking of just leaving very quickly. “don't worry and enjoy your breakfast you deserve it” came from a true friend.

The meals came and I polished my plate very quickly. I'd forgotten all about the other customers there and was just enjoying that breakfast. Then I was asked if I'd like anything else. I just smiled and said “today's going to be a great day.” Then I heard again “I think he's staying” to which I turned and face them to say “I'm really sorry I know I do smell a bit, but let's face it if this is the worst thing that happens to you today then it's going to be a great day.”

I will say and always will say I'll always remember that breakfast. I really feel sorry for the smell because of the other customers but that really was a great breakfast.

A few days later Swani comes over to me and says “Grant I want to help you somehow, what can I do?” I thought about it and quickly said “there's customers that buy mags from me and don't really stop I'd really like a way to say thank you to them as well.”

The next day I went to her office and was cheerfully greeted by Michelle who works the front desk and she treated me as another customer if anything better and I really felt welcomed and made me feel like holding my head even higher knowing I was doing a great thing. Minutes later I started handing out my thank you notes when selling a magazine.

Swani is a director of Worldwide Printing. Who has always given me my thank you notes and did so from the goodness of her heart. So I say thank you and I know I could never forget the kindness you have showed me. I am asking if there's any of my customers that need printing done please consider her printing company as this is the lest I ever could do for her.

Worldwide Printing
(07) 3229 8522
P.S Thank you for reading this next one. If you like my stories please send comments and add to favorites page or even email my blog address to friends. I always like to share. I really hope you have a great day.
Grant the polite guy.

P.S I was asked by one of my good customers to mention him in my blogs. He's a great guy that always has a laugh with me when walking pass. I said okay and then asked him his name. He's reply was. "Called me the Little Fat Guy that way I know it's me" I wasn't going to but I know it will bring a big smile to his face. If I have afended anyone please I'm sorry.
Thankyou and have a great day.
Grant the polite guy.


  1. To Grant the Polite Guy,

    I love your blog!

    And have noticed that no-one isposting comments back - so am thinking it must suck to go to the effort of writing and posting, and not have any response!

    You are doing great work Grant the Polite Guy - keep it up!

    And have a great day :-)

  2. I agree with Anonymous! So I thought I would jump on and comment also to let you know not to worry too much Grant, I am reading your blog and I passed your blog onto several other people who know who you are and we all read your little stories, looks like you have a lot of readers!

    We all think your an inspiration and that your doing a great job :)