Sunday, October 3, 2010

On a rainy day it's good to think of funny moments.

Well it's Sunday night and it's been raining most of the day so I thought I'd write about some of the funny things that has happen while working selling my magazines. There's nothing better then thinking of the good times when having a bad day. Let's face it I see people at there best and worst but really remembering the good and funny things, always brings a smile. Here's a couple of things that has happened that made me smile.

This one happen today. I was working Queens Plaza and I was being me saying “Big Issue” and “have a nice day” when they didn't buy or stop. There was this lady walking towards me so I said “Big Issue” and she walked pass sticking her tongue out and didn't say anything. I look and said “Have a nice day” thinking another nutbag. I really feel bad when these things happen as I know I didn't really do anything to upset her but I keep thinking she is just in a bad mood.
About 15 minutes later she was walking towards me again and I thought oh no. I turned my back and started asking other people, really anyone that was close instead of going near this one lady heading towards me. I turned around to find her standing there with a $5 note in hand. I must say I was dumbfounded.

I went through my usual pitch saying I had 2 magazines to choose from and everything was going good. I did avoided asking “how her day was?” ha ha. I do like to say some kind of complement so I did. “It was nice to meet such a sweet person” I did have a big smile and it brought a smirk to her's, I do think she left a lot happier then when she walked up to me. I know I won't forget her in a hurry. Ha ha. Now here's the good side of this. I gave her a copy of my blog address with my thankyou note so if your reading this.
Everyone has good and bad days. But thinking of the good days on a bad day makes the bad day a good one. Also selling in the street is hard enough so please be nicer the first time. If not then just say “no”. No tongue unless dating. Ha ha

This a few weeks ago. I was working and doing my thing selling the best magazine ever made. When a guy walked towards me with his thing hanging out of his zipper. I looked and looked again not believing what I was seeing. I stepped closer to the guy as he approached, Leaning towards him saying “Mate your um is hanging out” pointing towards his pants zipper. I will say I was just as embarrassed as he was. He did quickly fix his clothing. So here's a warning I would tell at least 5 people a day that there zipper is down (only had one person with something out). Please check before going out. I would always tell someone but there's red faces on both sides.

Another zipper story. One day this guy was walking towards me and I noticed his zipper. I lowered my magazines to my side and leaned towards him and in a low voice “ Mate your zippers undone.” The guy was walking fast past me and yelled loud “ I don't want your f**king magazine” I didn't like that so I said in a not such a low voice “ mate I was trying to tell you your zipper was undone” Everyone looked right at him. Sometimes it pays to be nice.

Please don't get the wrong idea I really am a nice guy and these are only a few stories of thousands of great customers of which a lot of them I think of as friends and mates. But as I always say “Manners cost nothing and I have heaps”

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  1. Grant you are so right - good manners cost nothing and you certainly have heaps of them. Keep smiling, thank you for always being so polite. It did warm my heart today that you remembered me from last year when we used to chat, as I explained today my workplace have moved and I don't often come by your corner any more. I too have a bad back and had a big opeation, though mine made me painfree most of the time, so I have definitely been luckier than you, I get pain in my left calf and foot from time to time but it is managable without drugs, stops me from wearing sexy high heels now :). I definitely know about real pain and I am sorry that your life has taken such a bad turn. If its a test then you are passing it with flying colours.
    Kind regards The Great Dane - Rikke