Wednesday, October 6, 2010


I get told a lot “Grant your always smiling and polite” of which I mostly say “Today's going to be a great day” or “Cost nothing so I have plenty”
Here I can say the truth. But I'll explain it so people don't get the wrong idea. There's days were I'm in a lot of pain because of my back. I strap on heat packs to my back and head to work on the days I go. (which is most days).

Really I need my customers a lot more then they think. I'm always cheerful and positive because when I am, people are positive back. Every time I say “good morning” or “have a nice day” a lot of people say it back. Now really who could have a bad day when 200 people say “good morning or have a nice day” to you. A person can handle a lot of pain thinking there's 200 people going to say “hi” to him. So it's me saying thankyou to all of you because I would have quit along time ago if it wasn't for some of my good customers and people who have been nice enough to at least say “hi” back.
I know I've quit a 1,000 times in my mind and then a customer will say something nice or stop and chat and I feel like I'm worth something again. So really anything I put out there I really do get back many times over.

It really says a lot about being nice. I do have a great example. Close to when I started selling the Big Issue I started seeing this lady in her late 40's. Every morning I would say “good morning” because it was about 6am which there's not a lot of people about at that time. Always she would reply “nothing good about it.” She really hated her job. ( cook hand ) For a while I really thought she just really didn't like me. (really how could that happen. Haha) Then one day I seen her coming and I pretended to get magazines out of my bag when really I had none in my bag. She slowed right down while walking pass. I really didn't know what to say or do, so I just did what I do best and said “good morning”. You won't believe this but she stopped and started talking to me about her job and working too many hours and not enough time for herself and things like that. At least half an hour just listening to her tell me all the things that's wrong in her life. Now 11 months later I still say “good morning” and she still says “Nothing good about it” but she complains about having less hours now. The job she does has less customers and therefore she gets less hours and less money. She went from being in her mind over worked (38 hours a week) to under worked. (32 hours a week)
I say look at the really good things in life. Being able to work in the first place and a home to go to at night is great. I know people will always want more in life but sometimes think, life is good and enjoy it.
If you look for the bad things in life you will find them. If you look for the good things in life you won't be able to have a bad day no matter what happens.
P.S For the two people that wanted to tell me I didn't get the spelling and gramma right in earlier posts. Please read this post and have a nice day.

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