Thursday, January 20, 2011

A message from my friend Marieke

I have been asked to pass this on in an email.

Hi Friends,

Hope all is well with all of you, and that you haven't been badly affected by the floods.

I'm writing to ask for your help and support, so that we can help and support the people affected by the floods.

A few days ago I was frustrated because I wanted to go and help people move their stuff out of their homes, and it was my daughter's nap time. So my friends and I found a way we could contribute to Queensland's flood recovery.

What I'm asking from you is for you to spread the word. This is a blog that needs the community to contribute their stories and pictures for it to be successful and to help others the way it is intended. You are the community. But my contacts are limited. Will you help us make this a truly exceptional site?

Please have a look at it at

To give you some idea of what the site is I've included the blurb that will be on the home page below. It is still in the early stages so quite imperfect but hope you like and support it anyway.

Thanks so much everyone

I love you all


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