Saturday, January 22, 2011


Firstly I'm sorry for not posting sooner but like most people in Queensland the flood made everyone's world upside down. I quickly looked over my emails and read a lot of requests about what to write about here. Which is good because let's face it I could use all the advice I can get. Ha ha. But I can't please everyone. Some want good and uplifting stories and most want to hear more terrible news, as if they haven't heard enough. There was a lot of coverage on the T.V and web about the flood with the good and bad side of it.

I would like to tell you what I have seen or heard from just talking to people.

Last week I was walking around the city late. I could hear a couple talking loudly. (Late at night everything is louder because it's so quiet of a night time.) They were stuck in the city and couldn't get home because of the floods they had stopped the buses and trains. I stepped closer and asked if they were okay? The guy stood and deepened his voice and said things like there fine and to leave. Trying to be very tough. Ha ha. I must say I didn't care, he was only doing the one thing he knew to protect himself and his wife from possible danger. But there is some homeless or drunks out there that would not like being spoken to like that and would see just how tough he really was.

I turned and didn't say anything I just thought 'there on there own' and started walking away. “Grant” I turned, the girl had called me. I stepped towards the girl and asked how she knew me? Yep a customer. After talking for about half an hour they had told me all about being stuck and having no money. They didn't want food just a place to sleep. I took them behind the church and gave the girl my sleeping bag not because of the cold but because of the floor.

The next morning about 5:30am I went and got them a coffee each and woke them which was easy because the girl had slept all night, but the guy stayed awake all night watching me. Maybe because he didn't trust me or the fact I was better looking. Ha ha.

They left and said thank you and things. I only had one thought. I hope they understand better it don't matter who it is, everyone gets down on there luck at one time in there life. It's really not hard to do.


Now talking to lot's of people I normally asked them. “You didn't get flooded did you mate?” Now I got a lot of different replies, most said no. But there was the same answer coming from two different people. One a business guy and a homeless guy that carries everything around in a trolley.
“The water was close but no it didn't flood me. But look at it this way, for a while I had water frontage which put the value of my place up.” ha ha.

Now please don't get me wrong I know a lot of people lost everything and this is a disaster, but sometimes looking on the brighter side is a way to deal with it.

Only in Australia we have true spirit in this disaster, not borrow money from other countries but instead we get a broom, gumboots and a few sausages, walk down the road and help our fellow Aussies.

Everyone I have spoken to was effected or helped those that were effected. That's Aussie's being Aussie's. I will say I've never been more proud to be an Aussie then I am right now.

A lot want to know about the homeless when the floods hit. Well I don't know them all so I really don't know. But in most cases there was plenty of notice and being homeless means you can get up and move quickly. The biggest problem with this is they don't know where food vans are in the area if they moved far. Also they leave friends they may have behind.

Another big thing is with so many people needing help, now there's going to be less resources to help the homeless. But because of this flood I think there's going to be a lot more homeless then before.

I'm going to be putting a lot more effort into building that site which will help more people.


I like doing nice uplifting stories but really with everything that's been going on over the last week there's not much uplifting to write about. But I think it's what we need at the moment because sometimes thinking about good things helps to get over the bad ones. So get ready for some past ones. Ha ha.


I went to a big store to buy batteries. I walk in and didn't have a clue where to find them so I just started walking around looking. Next thing I heard “security to level 3” I thought straight away another shop lifter should have done the right thing. I go down the lifts to another floor and heard “security to level 2” I'm now thinking they may need help so I ask a girl working there “is everything okay do you need help?” she says every thing’s fine and I keep looking for these batteries. Now I could have asked the girl but I really was not in a hurry because it was raining. I was happy to just walk around.

I went down another level and as I reach the floor I heard. “security level 1” Now I'm not dumb. I look down and I'm wearing my Big Issue vest. Time to have some fun. “security to level 3” “security to level 2” “security to level 2” “security to level 3” Oh I spent an hour going everywhere. Ha ha. Finally Someone came to me and asked if I was needing help? I said I was looking for batteries which she helped me to find and I walked to the cashier. Yes I was asked to show my bag and they looked everywhere in it. Now I have been in this store a lot of times but this is the first time I have worn my vest. Haven't they heard the saying “Can't judge a book by it's cover.”


Hair cut and shave.

I remember one afternoon before I started selling magazines I was in a lot of pain from my back and knee hurting, I was on a bench in the city trying to lay straight to help my back. I was gritting my teeth from the pain. I had medication to stop the pain but I was becoming addicted to the pain relief (NOT junkies drugs) also at the time I wanted to give up on myself and just waste away.

I looked dirty and yes I really did smell a lot. I remember two guys in suits walking pass and saying to each other something about me being a waste of life and junkie. Now then I had nothing left and really agreed with them except for the junkie bit. Ha ha. I pulled my jacket over my head and covered myself from the world.

Now this story really sounds bad. But there's a great ending. I promise.

I started to strengthen in my back and started selling The Big Issue magazines. I started being proud in myself and instead looking downward I started looking people in the eyes and of course had a smile. I started being me again. YES. Ha ha.

About one year later I had asked a few customers to meet me for dinner at a club as friends. I went to the Salvo's and bought a nice shirt and pants just to wear that night. I got a free hair cut from a customer (oh that's another story. Ha ha ). I had shaved and really looking forward to seeing the look on my customers face when they see me. Ha ha

So there I was looking oh very good and yes you guessed it one of the guys that had said I was a waste of life was waiting for the bus to. The bus came I followed him on the bus and sat right next to him on a seat. He sat and started reading his paper, but I started talking to him, “ Can you believe the hot weather where having lately?” (It was a year ago) He started talking to me as friends.

Now I have became good friends with this guy and I've meet his family many of times. Tomorrow I'm going to hand him a 'Thank you note' that I give my customers.

Tom people may hit bad or hard times, but that don't mean there bad people.


Now I'd like to keep going and tell lots more, But if it's to long no-one will read them. (Too long and looks more like a novel instead of a blog) Well I think. Ha ha I really don't know because this is my first.

Now I'd like to mention I got an email from Joanna, saying she loves this blog and what I'm doing with it. (Oh I love hearing that. Ha ha) Well this email not only said it's good but she is going to help tell others by placing link on her site. Wait for it YES Queensland Shelter. This site is getting known and is going to help many in the future. So please if you want to contact Queensland Shelter here is there site. I don't care who helps who as long as people get help.

I would like to say a thank you to a friend of mine I have never meet. Arnold sometimes you have helped me through tough times and never knew it. Thank you for just being a mate.

If you see someone that's homeless or just down on his or her luck, please think of this “Sometimes just saying 'hello' or 'how's thing's could change a persons life” I know or would like to believe it did for me.

I didn't want to say this the way I'm going to say it, but it's the only way I know how. A lot of people walked passed me in the city before I sold magazines and thought nothing or nothing good because of the way I was. I had given up on everything. I'm sure there's lot's of homeless people out there with there own stories and just as nice or polite. I know some are not. But it could be that one day that changes everything.

I hope you all have a great day
If you like my blog, please tell others.
Grant the Polite Guy.

P.S I have put ads on this blog to try and make some money from this blog. They are not click-get paid ads. I get 10% commision from sales only. I'd like to keep them and see if they work, but will remove quickly if they affend anyone. So please feel free to use them or if you don't like them let me know.

Thank you again
Grant the Polite Guy.

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  1. Great post Grant, glad to hear all is going well and people are starting to recover and clean up after the dreadful floods. It's wonderful how we all help each other when times are tough - would be nice to see it happening regardless of a disaster though.

    The ads on your blog don't offend me at all. If they generate some money for you then all the better.

    Have a terrific day!