Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Umbrella's are deadly.

Well as a lot of you would know it's been raining and floods everywhere. So please understand I feel sad for the people it's effecting. Trust me I know there nothing worst then having a good day and the next you lose everything. There is places that you can donate money to help the people effected. But the news on T.V and radio will give you all the updates and bad things about that.
I must say today I feel guilty writing about me right now with everything that's happening. But this is a blog about a vendor. Besides a few stories that brings a smile may be a good thing.
Please let me start with yesterday morning. It's raining and I worked across the road under shelter at the Post Office. One of my customers walked up to me and throw me a new soap bar in it's packet saying “Don't waste the water mate.” Oh he had a great laugh. I knew he was joking.
Now I can take a joke well. But now it was my turn, ha ha. This morning that same customer came walking towards me smiling. I stepped towards him and shaked his hand and pulled him close. I sniffed and while holding he's hand, handing him a can of deodorant saying “Mate you need this more then I do” ha ha I smiled and his face just went red. I think for most of the day he's going sniff himself and think he needs to put on deodorant but the can I gave him was empty. Ha ha. Now I can take a joke, but I can also do them. I may have lost my asserts and have injuries but I'm still me. I don't want people to think I'm mean so tomorrow I'll tell him he smells pretty. Ha ha.
If your going to give me soap on a raining day please at least give me a towel too. Ha ha.

Umbrella's can be deadly. When working at the Post Office the rain was coming down hard and all the smart people had umbrella's. Not me. Ha ha. So there I was standing there holding up my magazines and whack. You know them pointed things on the tips of an umbrella hit me right in the back of the head. I turned as the person was saying “sorry” when whack again this time on the side of the head by someone else's umbrella. Don't get me wrong I didn't get angry because I knew it was an accident and both said “sorry”. I stepped back and smiled while rubbing my head and said “I should get hazard pay when it rains them things are deadly.” ha ha
So please if you use umbrella's then try watch the tips or just the nice guy with the yellow vest.

This next guy really had no idea.
This one will take a bit to explain right. The rain kept coming down so I went to better shelter to work. I started working outside the Queen's Plaza Shopping Centre.
So there I was on the corner selling my magazines. Working very hard I might add. Ha ha. A new model BMW 4WD stops at the corner. Now where this guy stopped was at the top of a ramp going down to the under ground parking. To be honest I didn't take much notice as it'll happen a couple of times a day. The only people that get upset about it is people waiting to go down and park.
I'm working and trying to stop people and sell my magazines. Out of the corner of my eye I noticed as he put his baby into the car his wheels moved forward a bit. I looked and the wheels didn't move. I stop selling for a moment and just watched this guys car.

The guy moved to the back of the 4WD to put in the pram in the back as the wife rush beside him to get in the passenger side. After throwing the pram in and slamming the back rear door the 4WD it moved forward again. But at the same time a car pulled up behind them and sounded it's horn for them to move. It was raining very hard and they could hear much and just tried to hurry as much as possible. The wife and husband started yelling at the driver of the other car to move back so they could reverse and get out.
Now please let me say, The only thing going through my head at the time was he never put the handbrake on and he was at the top of a ramp going down to a underground car-park. I dropped the magazines and red bag I carry them in to the ground and raced to the front of the 4WD and pushed to try and stop it rolling down the ramp. (I hate to yell but I can) I was trying to yell at this guy his handbrake wasn't on. But this guy already had someone else yelling at him and with the hard rain didn't hear me right or was to enraged to care what I was saying.
He came to me demanding I get away from his 4WD. (I kept thinking are you kidding.) I tried to yell his 4WD didn't have it's handbrake on. But all this guy could see is someone yelling from a car behind him and someone holding his 4WD at the front. (I must say my face didn't help, Holding the 4WD hurt my back a lot and I didn't have a smile on my face) The guy and his wife yelled a lot as they got into the 4WD and reverse quickly and drive off. No thank you, no nothing. If anything they thought I was attacking them somehow.
I know I'd do the same thing again if it happened. I'm not trying to get more sales saying this but it's really what people do. When we see danger it don't matter who it is we help if we can. Now right now I'd say “it's being Aussie, but no it's being human”

Thank you for reading my blog. If you like it please tell others.

I hope you have a great day

Grant the Polite Guy.

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  1. Grant, I hope your ok with all the floods in the city.