Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Killer Cat. ha ha

Please let me start with a story that starts two days ago in the afternoon. I'm going inside a unit to house-sit while the lady of the house is in Townsville caring for her mum. She has already gone.

It's all good and I look around to see the place. A cat walks towards me and rubs itself against me. (Nice cat). I move my bag in and start pulling things out when the cat rubbed itself against me again. I don't bend well so I sat on the lounge and lend forward to pat the cat. AAAHHH It bite me on the hand. I was thinking bad things then but I did say “It's okay puss I'm here look after you while Melissa is away.” The cat darted off. I checked my hand and noticed bleeding from the bite marks. Very sharp teeth.

About an hour later I'm sitting on the lounge writing notes for my mega-site when the cat starts racing around the room very fast. Then straight for me and scratches my leg and runs off. Now there and then I had thoughts going through my head that wasn't polite. Ha ha. It's well known I'm a dog lover but I'm also a animal lover so I could never hurt an animal ever.

I'll tell you this cat was coming hard and fast trying to do lots of damage and then running off. I got up and was starting to think defence. This cat is savage. Then I got it. I placed food and water down for the cat. It purred and rubbed against my leg in a nice way. “Here you go, you just wanted food.”

The cat ate it then turned and came straight for me as fast as he could teeth showing and claws at the ready AAAHHH he got me a beauty. Ha ha. I was starting to think I was safer sleeping out in the city with the drunks. This is one really savage cat. I pulled out a Calender from my bag and sat and just waiting for this cat to attack and I used the Calender as a shield. After about 10 attacks the cat gave up and started purring and walked over for a pat. YES I won, I started patting it and then this cat walked away.

Then nothing happen until the next morning, I had just gotten out of the shower and was drying myself when AAAHHH cat scratching my legs and running away. I dressed and headed out the front door as fast as I could.

I started asking my customers what to do about this cat. Yes there was a lot of shot gun jokes and the fact the unit was 2 floors up and do cats always land on there feet. After 10 times. Ha ha. Then I'd say “what kind of a house sitter would I be if I let the cat die.” ha ha. I know I could never hurt the cat but I had to do something.

I came back to the unit and seen the cat, It looked like it was smiling and thinking “The Prey is back” I swear. Ha ha. I rushed over and got it's food and water. Keeping my eyes on this cat and ready for another attack. Yep you got it, The cat was purring and nice and all that. The cat finished eating and looked at me. Except this time I was holding my Calender in hand with a big smile. I was ready this time. One attack then she gave up. I know some of you are laughing about this right now. Let me say in a month or two I will to but this cat is really good at attacking when your not looking. I mean really good. Ha ha.

I want everyone to know I have not hurt this cat, it's not in my nature, but I have bite marks and scratches on my legs and hands that shows which one is winning this fight. Ha ha.

I spoke to the Melissa and she said “Oh the cat may scratch sometimes because it don't like strangers” I replied “oh really” Then she says “Just don't get it angry” I heard the words and all I could think about asking is “when you coming back?” then thinking oh no. That cat was smiling again. Ha ha.

Third day now and yes the cat still scratches me but not as much, and now sometimes sits on my lap for me to pat it. I was about to type that were becoming friends while patting her when she bit me on the hand. AAAHHH savage cat.


Bragging time,
I remember a day before I started selling the Big Issue that I was sitting in the park and thinking how I'd lost everything and the pain would never stop. I had given up on everything including myself. I felt worthless and just wanted to waste away.

I'm looking after a killer cat. Ha ha. My back has strengthen and less pain, I'm working again selling my magazines which means a lot to me. I'm trying to build a mega-site to help a lot of people with information on resources and services. 200+ people would say “Hi” to me most days. I've been on T.V and radio many of times in the last 12 months. Papers write about me. (all good stuff too) Ha ha. I've been awarded “Vendor of the Year” and “Most helpful Vendor”. My blog gets viewed by thousands of people each week all wanting to read the things I've written. I have meet and proud to call friends from everywhere. I have friends I know accept me for being me. Not what I own or have. That's my biggest achievement to date. Now please get ready for my newest great news.

Queensland Shelter is putting together there quarterly magazine called “The Quarterly” and have asked me to write a story for them about homeless and the floods. What an honour. I'm so proud at the moment. Here's me I always hated writing. I have my blog, Mega-site building and now a story for a magazine.

Here's the reason I'm writing this, well I love to brag because it also reminds me some of the things that are good in my life and doing right. ha ha. But really the main reason is, when you see a homeless person out there and he smells and looks dirty and for most, all they can think about is walking faster pass. That guy or girl could achieve a lot more in life then me if someone at the right time in his/her life stops and says “hi” I couldn't be were I am now without good people encouraging me.

I may not have much as in things and a place but I have hopes and dreams and really I have found myself again. So please it's just a “hi”

I'd like to ask again if anyone can help me to find homeless helps everywhere. All countries. Please email it to me at

I'd like to thank you all for reading my blog. If you like it then please tell others.
I hope you all have a great day.
Grant the Polite Guy.


  1. That killer cat sounds scary...and possessed!

  2. My goodness that cat sound awful!!!

    CONGRATULATIONS about your story for The Quarterly, can't wait to read it - I bet it will be great :)

  3. Ive got a killer cat myself who Ive had since he was a rescue kitten. He takes great joy in the game of attacking me but then when he has had enough (and only then) he will be all sooky and want affection.

    I take the scars and scratches (currently a fresh 2 inch one across the back of my hand) as reminders that he actually loves me, he just likes to play rough!