Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Here to help.

The State, the Country has been hit hard. This flood is effecting so many already and many more to come. I'll be honest all I can feel right now is sad, so many people are losing everything. Such devastation everywhere.

I know for a fact there's nothing worst then losing everything you have. But know this, life goes on. There is nothing that can't be replaced as long as your safe.

The reason for my posting. I'm offering to help anyone with a clean up for those affected. I don't care how long it takes or what needs doing. Please email me on or post a comment here. Just send Phone number so I can call or just address and I'll get there. Your not alone.

I'll come online every few hours to check messages. I'm more then happy to help so please ask.
I wish everyone safety in these bad times. But please be safe and don't go near the water.
If any of you see homeless people, please take out a minute to ask if there okay. They may not have homes but they are or may be losing where they live too.
Thank you and I hope you are all safe. I await your emails or messages so I can help.

Grant the Polite Guy.

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