Monday, January 3, 2011


Well I thought I'd seen it all, but today I meet a couple I'll never forget. Well not for a long time. Ha ha

There I was working and a couple came over to me and bought a calender from me after I showed then I was the centre fold (Mr June).

I was ready to say thank you for buying, when the lady says “he's perfect” to her husband. Oh he was not happy at all. Me not knowing what was going on said the only thing that came to mind. “perfect for what?” with a smile.

They ignored me and stepped back and she whispered something to her husband. Then returned and the wife says “ I want you to come home with us and f**k me in front of my husband.” My hands went up and I backed off very quickly. “WHAT” The wife came forward and said “My husband went out on New Years night and slept with a cheap tramp, so I want something dirty in me so he knows every time he touches me he'll know you was in me like he was in a cheap bitch.”

Now I will say over a thousand thoughts went through my mind in less then a minute. At first I couldn't believe what I was hearing. I looked from her to him and back again. Like was she calling me dirty? I had a shower this morning, okay I may have needed a shave but hey.

“I can't do that, I'm sorry for what's happened with your husband but what your saying is not going to change anything.” me more in a shocked voice because I couldn't believe I was being asked this.

Now this lady started getting very pissed off. She was offering herself to a (dirty person) and being rejected in front of her husband which I never wanted to do, but I may be down on my luck and have less in life now, but I still have my standards and morales. If I was to lose my standards or my morales then I would lose myself.

I do try to keep the bad language down when writing here. Let's just say I had her call and say bad language to me for about 3 minutes, which I didn't even try to stop her. I knew she was hurting and then I had rejected her. Anyone would be really angry.

As they were leaving she stormed off ahead as the husband said “Thanks mate” I gave him a look to show him we were not mates “didn't do it for you” I turned and headed for my bag. I was finished working for the day.

I went to the pub for a beer after that. Having someone talk to you like that really makes you feel bad inside. I came out and headed towards the mall to buy some things. From a distance I could see that same couple walking with a guy heading down the street. I stopped walking and looked better at who they were walking with. I remember him from when I handed out pies on Christmas morning. When chatting to him about being homeless he told me he left home because he told he's parents he was gay and then his father had kicked him out of there house.

I smiled and wondered which he was going to be with when he gets there. Ha ha

Being with a partner should be special, not for revenge. I do get offers to do much the same thing, but this is the first time being asked for revenge. If she went ahead with it she will only hate the guy later and herself as well.

Before I get comments from guys saying how dumb, please don't. I would do the same thing again.

I'd like to thank every-one firstly for reading my blog as I get so much joy writing about things that I see or happen in life. As I've said before “if you like my stories please tell others.” I love to share. Ha ha

I received 5 Christmas Cards in the post and from my customers 17 cards and a few gifts. I want you to know it meant a lot to me, knowing I have friends that care enough to take the time out to do so.

Well the New Year is starting and for some, thinking this could be a fresh start at something. I wish you all happiness and luck for the year ahead.

Thank you again and have a great day.
Grant the Polite guy.

P.S. I just noticed I have 20 followers now. Thank you and great to see. I hope you enjoy the reads.
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  1. Way to go Grant! I like your morals :o)

  2. My goodness that poor lady, you are right she will end up hating herself.

    It wasn't right for her to be mean to you, some people a very nasty.

  3. Dear Grant, That's a great story. Never know who you will meet and some people are just more memorable than others. Certainly, you cannot say your day was dull, entertaining yes, dull never.

  4. Dear Grant,
    This has got to be a story to put in your magaine. Your life certainly is not dull when you meet people like this. Keep up the good blogging.