Saturday, November 20, 2010

bubble bubble

Here's a day that started bad then went to very bad then a good day through to a great day which not going to forget.

It all started with me having a bad night with my back and having to take medication to ease the pain. Now I hate taking the pills for a few reasons but mostly because they can make me too comfortable from pain and there addictive. So I choose not to take them unless I really need them.

So there I was taking the pills and the pain was more dull. I got ready for work thinking I'm not sure I want to stand all day because I knew my back would hurt a lot more that night. In the city I start walking around when I needed to go to the toilets so I went into a stall. The bowl was full up to an inch from the top. It looked like no-one had flushed for a month. (not a pretty sight first thing in the morning. Ha ha) I won't go into detail about what and things in the bowl. To be honest I don't really want to imagine it myself.

I thought I have to take a picture of this, because really if your on a date with a nice girl, that's the kind of picture that's really going to impress her. Ha ha. So there I was holding my phone above the bowl trying to get a good picture when the phone started ringing and vibrating and yes down it went. Splashing as it hit the water and sunk until it layed on harder things then water. It didn't ring for long and all I could see were bubbles coming from my cheap but my phone. Now if your wondering if I put my hand in to get it out. Let's just say don't call me because I don't have a phone. No way I even thought about getting it. That phone sunk about 6 inch's down and layed on not nice things.

So about now I'm not saying “Today's going to a great day” to myself. I walked around for awhile and headed to work. Sales came in slow but steady and I'm thinking about my phone and what would happen if someone called. Ha ha. That brought a smile to my face more then a few times.

My day was not looking that great but I did smile and say “have a nice day” to the people as they walked by. Then the best thing happen. Within 20 minutes of each other 2 customers gave me a $20 note and said I could keep the change. Yes yes my day was looking good again. You see a $20 and selling one magazine means the same as me selling 7 magazines but a lot faster. Ha ha

That day and for a few days I had been staying at a customers house, making the extra money I was thinking right away I could buy something small but nice to say thank you to her. So I started adding my money and decided to make 3 more sales to have enough.

I made the two sales quickly and the third was taking forever. I was thinking “come-on people I'm a nice guy I just need one more” It came and I couldn't believe my eyes. It was Skip (Ian Skippen) from the Breakfast crew on MMM radio station. (The best radio station out there)

He talked to me for a few minutes and left shaking my hand saying “I'm doing a great job” Now that's what I admire, the guy is famous but he still has the time to say Hi and to buy a Big Issue Magazine from someone having a go.

My day went from very bad to a big grin from ear to ear for hours.

I did buy nice Roses chocolates for the lady I was staying with and my back didn't seem that bad after all. I've always said “It's hard to think about pain when your thinking about happy things.”

Thank you for reading my stories and please for a while don't call me. Ha ha At least let the plumber get it out first. (but I don't want it back) ha ha


  1. Good story. Thank you for the great laugh. :)

  2. Hi Grant, great meeting you at lunch today (I bought 2 mags). Hope you had a good day. I'll pray for your back! God loves you bro!

  3. Grant! It's Phoebe here - I have a spare phone at home - would you like it?????