Sunday, November 14, 2010

Internet Dating

I was talking to a very interesting girl today about blogs and different ideas. You see she knows a lot about dealing with depression and could help a lot of people if given the chance.

To be honest this blog started as something for me to do to give back to my customers but it has become so much more. I'm having people talk to me about my own website with a forum and information about helping the homeless better.

Using a forum means more homeless and Big Issue Vendors could post, not just mine. It also means everyone else can post as well. There could be talks about thousands of things between people. Some examples are. I'm asked a lot about where to do volunteering and food vans that go around. Depression is always a big topic. There's people out there that need help and mostly just want someone to talk to about different things and there's people out there that want to help with advice.

I'm sure there's these things out there but I'm being asked. I know this blog reaches a lot of countries and there would be a lot of ideas about how to deal with different things out there. Maybe having a forum/blog means everyone gets different views. To be honest I like the idea of trying to help people as long as I can still do my little stories. Ha ha It gives me a way to share.

So I ask you this, is it a good idea or leave it the way it is. Please comment on this post or send email to or even better come see me. I'm the good looking guy holding up the magazines at Post Office Square. Ha ha.

My little story
I was sitting down thinking about meeting girls. I was thinking I'm a nice guy and let's face it in the looks department there's worst out there. Ha ha. So then I started thinking how to meet a nice girl. Most of the girls I know already know I'm a Big Issue Vendor. Internet dating came straight to mind. I could meet them and charm them and when they think I'm great then tell them what I do for work. Now I know I'm not going to do this but I started thinking of how I'd fill in my profile and it's really funny how the same thing worded differently makes you look so much better.
So here's the truth and then worded differently.

I sell Big Issue Magazines in the city on the street.
Homeless at the moment but I stay with friends and customers houses or sleep out unless I make good money and then I pay for room.
Aged 40
Because of injuries I can't work normal job or a lot of hours.
I'd say Big Issue or Good morning to hundreds of people to get 20 sales.
I was given Vendor of the year last Christmas.

Now let's make me look good.

I work for a large international stationery company dealing with hundreds of people everyday. The hi-light of my morning is coming into work and looking at the great views from where I work. At least 200 people would know my name and say “hi.” Even though I'm in the position to not need to, I always take time to greet as many as I can and sometimes stop for a quick chat. It's always nice to be polite.
I was awarded one of the best in the country and I still aim higher to be better because I know I can archive and be much more.
I work less hours then most but that gives me more time to share with someone special.
I have such great connections with the people I work with that I'm invited over to there homes for dinner often.
I love walks at night, sometimes just looking up at the stars and just enjoying life. I have often gone down to the river and enjoyed it so much I stayed.
My lifestyle does give me the freedom to always meet new people and go to most of the best places in Brisbane.
Being a person that won't quit I try to set my own examples.
A great way to describe me would be to say I'm a people person. That has time for everyone no-matter what they do for a living. From the office cleaner to the high profile Lawyers I always stop what I'm doing and chat.

I'm starting to think I'm a great catch. Ha ha. And I could put so much more but it's costing to much for internet. I'm not going to do the internet dating thing but I think it's funny how just changing a few words around shows a different person.

I'd like to thank everyone that reads my stories, I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I have enjoyed writing them. Thank you to the people that share or tell others too. For those that leave comments I still don't know where I do reply to. All I get is no-reply on the button which tells me that you never sent it through email.
Thank you again
Grant the Polite Guy

P.S Peter Mc I look forward to you returning. Please bring back a foreign note. I'm starting to collect all different notes from around the world. It's a hobby. Ha ha not doing much good with the Aussie ones. Ha ha


  1. Grant what a wonderful idea - a space where people without homes could go and chat! There are so many possibility's with this.
    I think that is a great idea :)

  2. Grant! Why dont you become a member of the library, that way you can book computers for up to hours and enjoy free internet? I will look into internet cafes in Brisbane's and see if I can buy you a membership :)