Friday, November 12, 2010


Now I have a lot of friends and mates doing what I do and I'd like to mention them all at the start but I'd be here for a month and still not get to be able to tell you all of them. Here's one guy that I've picked for a great reason.

Well I was thinking of a customer/mate and I just had to go online and mention something about him. My mate Clive is a great guy, When I first meet him while selling my magazines he looked me in the eyes and asked “How you going mate?” we talked for a bit and then he shaked my hand with a firm grip saying “You can do it mate, just take care”

Now I've gotten to know Clive well over the last 17 months. He's the kind of guy you call a man. I firm hand shake and just looking at him you already know he's a man of few words but he's heart is in the right spot. I remember meeting his lovely wife at Post Office Square and thinking how nice she was to me and at the time thinking a great guy deserves such a great lady.

Now I won't go into detail of the good things he done for me because it was for Christmas and I don't want people getting the wrong idea that I want them to do the same. But I will say this. He gave me a Christmas card saying “It don't show a man to be knocked down, but it shows a man for how he gets back up.” Then “ If you ever need a friend to talk to call” Then his number.

Now Clive has offered many of times “If you ever need help mate just call” I will say this. What a guy. Really this is a great guy that really believes in helping someone down on there luck. I never did ring for money or anything else. I work for what I have or I don't have it.

Now the real reason Clive's story is now. Well to be honest I wanted to write this last week but with the copycat guys it waited until today. Clive retired last week. The young fellow worked many years and now he's going to enjoy the rest of his life enjoying life. I remember talking to him and he was saying he's worked since young lad and now he's done he's time.

This couldn't happen to a nicer guy. So I say “Clive mate, all the best and I wish you a great retirement.”

Now I don't ask for anything for doing this blog, but I'm asking for one thing now. Please raise a glass (no matter what your drinking) and say “Here's to you Clive, well done” If anyone says anything just say “This is for Clive he retired last week and he's a great bloke”

I thank you in advance for the toast. If your looking for something funny in this post then do the toast with others and when you tell them it's for Clive they'll sit there thinking “who's Clive?” Ha ha

But really how's Clive going to feel knowing people over the country and even the world toasting his retirement.
Thankyou. Grant the polite guy.

P.S For those that do please post on comment as I'm sure Clive would like reading it. Thankyou.


  1. A few of us went out, just came home. At least 5 times we had 10-15 people at once yell out "Heres to Clive, Happy Retirment" People came from everywhere to buy him a drink. lol

  2. Happy retirement Clive - you sound like a great guy! I fell straight for Grant's friendship too, it's so easy to do when he's such an amazing person!