Thursday, November 25, 2010

Bus Ride

Now I'm always saying that I don't always live on the streets because when I have money I pay for accommodation or customers have asked me to stay short term with them. So there I was waiting to catch a bus and I kept thinking I have to try and get a seat quickly because my back was hurting bad and I didn't want to stand for the 30 minutes on a bus ride. The bus stopped and I quickly got on and sat in the first seat I could see which was next to a lady.

The bus filled up and some people had to stand in the middle walkway. Now right away I started feeling bad that I was sitting and people had to stand, I put my head down so I couldn't make eye contact with anyone standing. Thinking to myself I should offer my seat, but my back really hurt and standing on a bus while it hit bumps and going around corners while standing would hurt me even more. The bus stopped at the next stop and even more people piled in until there was no room anywhere.

A few minutes later I heard a “squeak” I snapped my head up and my face was only a few inches away from a guy's butt who was standing right beside my seat. (The guy had farted.) I could have said something, but being a nice guy I just lowered my head again and thought “if this is the worst thing to happens today then it'll be a great day.” Then “squeak squeak” came from this guy. The smell that came across no-one should have to deal with, ever. The lady seated next to me looked at me with a mean look. I just smiled and pointed at this guys butt as I'm using my other hand to wave in front of my nose.

The guy never even looked around or said “excuse me for farting”

The bus started dropping more people off but there still wasn't any seats and this guy was still standing when he just let a long and loud fart that most people around could hear. I can say tears came to my eyes and I was franticly pushing the red button that tells the driver to stop at the next stop.

The bus stopped and I exited the bus very very quickly and waited for the next one.

Now I believe in karma so tomorrow I'm going to eat a couple of curry eggs or baked beans sandwiches and board that bus. But this time I'm going to let that guy have my seat and I'll stand next to him with my butt inches from his face. Ha ha.


  1. HAAAHHAAAAA oh farts can be sooooo funny - but not in that situation!!! You poor thing!!