Wednesday, November 3, 2010

It's a short ride but a long journey to get back

Walking through the mall today a young guy stopped me and was shaking my hand saying how much he enjoyed my stories on my blog. He even mentioned in front of others about my date and the she that turned out to be a he. Most of them had a great laugh. Now I can take a joke and now I even think of the funny side of it.

My smile disappeared quickly when this young guy about 17 years old was saying how much fun living on the streets would be. The worst part was he was trying to convince others not to go home and as he put it “live life and have a ball.”

I almost rolled one of my magazines up and hit him in the head a lot. Instead I started saying “There's nothing good or fun about living on the streets. For every story I write that's funny, there's 40 that I could write that's not funny at all. Most of them are things most people don't want to know about”

They didn't listen nor care I just got them being dumb. I know they read my blog so this is mostly for them. Please don't let kids read any more, also I'm sorry if this is not what I normally would have with funny stories, but I can't have kids thinking it's cool to sleep on the streets.

There are people that live on the streets mostly because something very bad has happen to them and they chose to, some it's a way of life. There's people who are just really down on there luck and there's no escape.

Know this, living on the streets is NOT cool. People get raped and bashed and lot's of things that are not fun. Some people will take advantage of you and sometimes really hurt you. At night there's no electric blanket to stay warm or walls and a door to close to feel safe. Always having to watch or hide your stuff so no-one else takes it. If you don't work then there's no cardboards to get food from. Really it don't matter where you sleep there's nothing that I know of that's as comfortable as a bed at night.

Be smart and stay home. If there's a reason you are leaving besides to be cool and hang with friends then you'll find there's places that can help. Because I really feel “it's a short ride to get there but a long journey to get back.” If any of you want help or advice I'll always be there to talk to.

I really am sorry this post is not a happy one to read. But the fact is I'd quit doing this blog if I thought I was showing kids that living on the street was fun or cool when really it's not. I just look at the good things in life and that's what I show here.

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  1. You are a good man. Most wouldn't care.
    I have never meet you but one day I will.