Wednesday, November 17, 2010

4 for 1

Now as I'm working or walking around the streets, I get to meet great people and some not so great. Here's some that really need writing about, You'll see why. Ha ha I have a few coins today for this computer.

Patricia is such a lovely girl. When I first started doing this blog she was doing great comments for most of my posts. Sometimes giving me advice, but always saying what a great job I was doing.
The name on the comments came up as Spring Blossom so after a while I click on her name. Because she has a blog too I could see where her blog was.

Going into her blog I got to see a lot of art and craft things that really look great. I'll be honest I wish I could do half of it. She really has a great talent. But there's more. I read a post that says something about her losing a package of art supply’s in the post and someone down the street brought it to her. This girl was so happy that she made a nice gift and bought a bottle of champagne for them just to say thank you. Now that makes her a great person. So please check out because not only is she golden of heart but very talented too.

Not that long ago I noticed a girl walking towards me that had her zipper down. I of course lowered my magazines to stepped closer to talk in a low voice and tell her that her zipper is down. This girl replies “Oh that happens all the time because there so tight.” and zippes herself up. I quickly ask “why wear them?” and I was so shocked at her reply. “They look great on me.” with a smile.

Now I thought for a second thinking this girl wears jeans knowing the zipper comes down a lot giving guys a full view. Now I am just a guy so I said the one thing that came to mind. “your right they do look great, you coming by tomorrow.” ha ha. Now I know this may affend, but really a girl wears jeans knowing guys notice the zipper down often.


A few days ago I was working when I heard “Grant can you help me with this guy please.” I turned and faced one of my great customers named Margi. I asked what was happening and Margi said that the guy with her had been holding a sign asking for money on the street because he was deaf and homeless and he needed help. I must say I was shocked at first that she brought him to me, then I admired the fact that hundreds of people would have already walked pass him and not stopped but she had. We talked about places to call and before you know it she was pulling out her phone and ringing numbers.

It was early in the morning and most places didn't answer. Margi had to go to work so she left the guy with me saying she would come back on her break. After she left, the guy using hand signals asked for money for something to eat. I gave him $15 for breakfast and a drink and he left with me making sure he knew to come right back so we could make the calls when the places opened. I didn't see him again. Now I know what your thinking. Ha ha. Conned. The guy may or may not have been a scam.

Now here's how I see it. A lovely lady took time out of her life to help someone and I lost $15. All and all two people helped someone and it only cost $15. Small price to pay to feel like you have done something good.

Now I'm not saying to help everyone out there. There is people making out there worst when there not or using the money for other then what there asking for. But taking the time to care is reward to yourself. That's why I'll always say Margi is golden.

Here's one for the news. A Big Issue Vendor sacks 5 people from job.
Now this happen some time ago. A guy I knew well as a customer came to me and said he had a problem. He had to sack 5 people that worked under him and he didn't have the heart to pick. So he said to me that if I picked the 5 people at random from a list of names he could say it was out of he's control when telling them.

Now I must say I didn't know anyone on that list. So when I picked the 5 names it was solely random. I picked the 5 names and the guy gave me $50. I did feel bad for the 5 people losing there jobs for a long time. To be honest I'm not sure I'd do it again, but that guy would have felt worst because he knew them. Sacking someone because of things he or she did wrong is one thing, but sacking someone so a company saves hours is another. And yes I understand about company's making less money they down size.


Thank you for reading my little stories and I hope you have a great day or night depends when your reading. Ha ha
Grant the Polite Guy.


  1. I love your little stories Grant!

  2. WOW thanks Grant for posting a story about me! You really didn't have to. I'm glad that you've got the links to websites working!!!

    Keep the stories coming!!!!!!