Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Homeless helps

I recieved an email from Tracy saying about her church helps the homeless and people in much need here it is.

AT METRO COMMUNITY CARE, 166 Sydney Street, New Farm.

Every Thursday
7.45am - 9am:  Free Hot Breakfast.
12.00pm - 3pm:  Food parcels, blankets, fruit and vegetables, clothing, homewares and shoes;

Last Tuesdays of the Month:
6pm - 8.30pm - Community Dinner (3 course dinner) - Next one is November 30th, then December 21st.

There is also an Op Shop open Wed - Fri 10am - 4pm.

If anyone wants more details, they can call 1300 77 55 03


To see more about this place go to http://www.metrocommunitycare.com/

I know alot of people that read this blog do work and don't need this info but maybe there's someone you know or see that will need it. Thankyou very much Tracy your the best.

Okay as soon as I can I am setting up a website with my blog (of course haha) and a forum so people can chat to each other which will be good for everyone to have there own ideas.
Also which is great news I'm going to try and have lots of lists for the homeless to find food and medical help and really just stuff people take for every day things.
The website is going to happen, I just don't know how to do it yet. Did you notice I wrote YET. haha. This is very important and I'll do my best. PLEASE PLEASE is there anyone that can give help or advice email or come see me.
I really think I've found the one thing I can do that will mean something. I know this blog has nothing funny in it but I promise the next one will.
Thankyou Grant the Polite Guy

P.S I almost forgot. Starting next Monday we start selling the calenders and I'm Mr June. YEAH. So come get one (From me of course. haha) or more if you like gifts for Christmas.
Mr June haha what can I say I'm famous. haha

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  1. Hey Grant,

    Thanks for your help with the homeless guy, Headley, yesterday. I appreciated all the help you tried to give him and I look forward to reading more about the centres currently operating in Brisbane now. I am a little out of touch and will look forward to reading all the info you're putting in. Kind Regards, Margi