Sunday, November 7, 2010

Market day.

I'm getting smarter, I have a picture up here. Well I hope it works. Ha ha. Fourth times a charm. Some people have emailed me asking if I could post a picture so they may put a face to the words. (I'm the great looking guy on the left or the right not sure yet if it turns out right where it goes. ha ha)

Now there's the face that greets 200 people each morning saying “Have a good day” or when I'm asked “Today's going to be a great day” Hey no printing the picture and using it for a dart board. Ha ha.

You know that feeling you get when you watch a movie and the under-dog comes fighting back and wins the fight and everyone cheers and is happy and feels proud for the guy because he was knocked down but he still had the heart to stand again and do what's right. I feel that right now and I haven’t watched any movie. Ha ha

I spent yesterday with my little girl who is 7 years old. (Jasmine).
We went to the markets looking everywhere. From stall to stall. Now my little princess knows I don't make a lot of money so she don't ask for much. I wanted to give her everything there but I knew I couldn't. I could see her looking at other kids holding bags of toys or new things they had gotten. My little girl would hold my hand tighter and say “I'm really happy your here dad. I miss you and love you” with a great big smile as if to say it's okay. I was trying so hard to hold the tears back, here was my little girl being so good and I was so proud. Now don't get me wrong I had money I'd earnt and burrowed some just for the day.

After walking around everywhere and having lunch we went back to one of the stores that had hair ties. I think she put on 10 different ones trying them all out. In the end picking a Chinese one that looked so nice on her. The lady said how lovely she looked and my little girl bowed (just as if on stage) and said thank you. The lady saying to me $18 or 2 for $30. Jasmine stopped dancing and said “one please” There and then I knew she loved her hair tie but wasn't greedy and the look she gave me, I know people are always saying “I wish I had a camera” I didn't need one. It was one of my proudest moments in a long time. I gave the lady $30 and Jasmine picked out the second one very quickly with the biggest smile I'd seen in a long time.

Walking off from the store my little girl hugging me saying thanks and how much she loved them. But then stopped and turned around and ran back to the lady and then back again. I asked what she was doing? She replied “Silly daddy I forgot to say thank you.” We went looking at stalls that had pretty shoes then because my little girl was the best little princess in the world.

There and then at that moment I got that feeling people get from watching a movie where I was the under-dog and I won. I still have that feeling now the next day.

I checked and I have about $15 on me, but right now I feel like yelling “watch out world, I'm down but not out” I'm going to work more hours and try selling twice as much from now on. There's an educational DVD I want to make and then sell. Which will help a lot of kids and make me on top again.

I wanted to share this moment with you so it may help you to understand. I really think a lot of homeless people and or Big Issue Vendors have given up on themselves and homelessness has become a way of life and when you give up on yourself it's easy for others to give up on you too. The road back is never easy but sometimes it could be a smile or a simple “you can do it mate” at the right time could change a person's life again. I know a little 7 year old girl helped me yesterday. I've meet some really great people that live on the streets. Not needing a hand out but a hand up.

P.S I forgot to put in something funny. Well while there I told 3 people there pants zipper was down. If them 3 people read my blog they would have read the stories about others with there zipper down and maybe checked. Ha ha. If you like blog please tell others. If you have Facebook then all you have to do is write in your message part and others will be able to check it out too. I always like sharing. (a big grin)

I hope you enjoy reading my blog. To me it's like having someone to talk to when there's good and bad times. Thank you for reading and I hope you have a great day.


  1. What a lovely story, you must be very proud of your little girl - she sounds very sweet.

  2. This was an awesome story. Thanks for sharing it :)