Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Well what a day I had yesterday, It all starts with me working and thinking today's going to be a great day.

Before I tell this one, I had better remind you some of past stories.
There was the date that went wrong and the hot girl had a penis.
The girl who walked pass me sticking out her tongue.
The guy that came from the toilet with his penis still out.
All of which I'll never forget.

Okay there I was working hard, it was early Tuesday morning. I could hear “You Who Grant” I turned and couldn't stop laughing. Two young guys with Ladies wigs on, way to much makeup on, There zippers down and a finger poking through. Now that's funny in it self but the these guys were blowing kisses and waving with there other hands in a girlie way. As they walked up to me both of them stuck out there tongues and walked around me. Ha ha I was red faced. The few people that were out and about looked in just shock. Most of them hadn't read my blog so really didn't know what was happening or why. They had combined 3 stories into one. One of them things were no-matter how I write it, it's not the same you had to see it to believe it.

Now I'd like to say it ended there but it didn't. I walked quickly behind chasing them for a block pinching them both on the bum and laughing saying “Come back to my place baby and what's your number girls” ha ha

I will say this. I can take a joke as good as most but this happening to me was funny but I think the thing I'll remember most about it is I was with mates.

I didn't get to work much of my morning rush and lost money not working but that was worth it. When I worked the lunch rush a customer said to me that she took some photo's using her phone. I ask her to email them to me. I haven't got them yet but as soon as I get them I'll post them in large photo's on here.

The guys are due to walk pass again this morning in a couple of hours. I have a camera ready just in case. Ha ha. I have a tear running down my face because I'm laughing so much. Ha ha

It's funny that two guys wanted to copycat some of the funny stories but please don't copycat any of the bad ones.

Thank you for reading my blog and I really hope you enjoy it. Please feel free to leave comments or send me an email to chat. I hope you have a great day.
Grant the Polite guy.

P.S I got told about Facebook share. Near the comments box is a little blue F. If you click it then it'll share that story with you friends on Facebook. Please feel free to share with all you know if you like it. I write this blog to give something back so really the more readers the better.
Is there anyone in Brisbane that knows about starting a web site? Please message me or come see me at Post Office Square.
Thank you again and have a great day.
Grant the Polite Guy


  1. G'day Grant, don't know if you remember me along with all your other customers - I'm the tall bloke with the whit hair who told you he was off to Papua New Guinea. Well, I've been here for nearly three weeks now and just got my interweb sorted. Thought I'd check out your blog - it's very good and entertaining - keep up the good work. I'm back on R&R in a couple of weeks so will drop in to the city and say g'day - take care wantok,
    Peter Mc. - have you finished your birthdau jigsaw yet???????

  2. Hi Grant,

    I bought a big issue off you today and really appreciated the thank you note. Great blog, I'll be visiting regularly :) I'm not much of a poster but know I will be reading