Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Pies for Christmas

I will say I have written this post a few times. Sometimes, doing a good thing should be something you don't need to tell others to show you are a good person. But telling it may show people that we are all the same just different turn of events.

Well my Christmas morning started like most Christmas's if you have kids. I was asleep on the couch and woken up by my kids (4:45am) all excited to open there presents.

There's me being a proud dad knowing I had put away enough money to buy gifts for them as they rip open the presents. (worth all the extra hours working and missing out on things myself) very very proud.

For those that have read earlier posts, know I don't have much, but it's a proud moment when I can give to my kids what most kids get.

Rain rain rain, it kept raining. I was asked not to take my kids because of the weather. So I explained to my kids why I had to go and headed into the city to hand out pies and drinks to the homeless. I started at South Bank along the river and ended up in the Valley.

Let me say I meet about 45 homeless people and handed them pies and a can of coke. Some asked for sausage rolls or different things. I was happy to get most of it.

Every person I spoke to was different. Some had the Christmas spirit and was happy to have someone stop and chat to them. Some not so much. Not everyone likes pies or maybe me. Ha ha.

I sat and in most cases just listened to them. They have stories that would fill this blog 5 times over, mostly bad things. After talking to them and biding them a Merry Christmas I gave them a sheet of paper with all the food vans and churches that help with the most important thing at the bottom, The Big Issue office number saying under it “I'll help you by showing you what to do if you wanted to work again.” and that I work at the Post Office Square on Queen st. Please note I wasn't trying to recruit more workers as I get nothing out of it, I wanted them to know I'd help them if they wanted me to.

I don't know if any of them will start selling magazines to help themselves but at least they know they have a friend if they want to try and that's a really great start.

Sometimes it only takes someone saying something nice that could turn a person around.

While walking around I really was holding back my tears, It was only a year and a half ago I was the same, but now I want more in life. I had given up on the worst thing “myself”, Most of these people have been great people in there life but then something happen and I hate to say it but they gave up on themselves and it's so hard to come back from that.

I spent most of the day thinking “I didn't have enough to help more” so I'm doing the one thing I can do and that's give people the information about where homeless helps are. That mega-site I've been planing is going to happen within a month.

All this sounds bad and depressing. Let me tell you I got lot's of hugs and “Thank you” the one thing that impressed me the most. I had homeless men stand as a man and shake my hand with there chest pumped out as if proud to have a friend. It was easy for me, I just treated them as an equal if not better then me.

If it helps just one then it was worth it 5 times over. I know people read my blog from many countries and I say “Being nice to just one homeless or a person down on there luck, will take a few minutes but it may change there life forever.”

I know most read this blog for funny things I see or that happens. I'm sorry about this posting. I want this posting as is, because it may help someone. I do promise to do a really funny postings in a day or so.

I hope everyone has a great day and a very happy New Year.
Grant the Polite Guy.

P.S I'd like to thank to customers that gave me tips over Christmas as it helped me to do the pies and things. You guys are the best. Thank you


  1. Your posts are great Grant, don't ever apologise for telling it as it is. We don't always come here for your wit and funny stories. It is nice that you keep it real and tell us the stuff that means something to you!

    Keep up your fabulous work, there should be more like you out there.

  2. I'm so glad to hear that you did so well giving out pies!!!! I'm sure you met some lovely people along the way. Good on you for giving up your Christmas day and helping out others in need.