Monday, December 13, 2010

Merry Chirstmas

A few weeks ago a girl walking towards me waved and smiled as she normally did. I step in close towards her and asked does she read my blog? The girl stopped and said “what blog?” I straight away remembered she had told me she buys from another vendor. I quickly pulled out a thank you note and showed her where the blog address was. I said “there's some funny stories about people's zippers” now straight away this girl looks down and zips up.

The 19 year old stops and starts talking. I was saying how I would tell about 10 people a day. She started telling me that she walks down and catches a bus that's always full of school boys who are flirting and trying to chat her up. Smiling about it, then said “if I had got on that bus and the boys had noticed they would never have let it down.” I laughed saying “oh no I should be on the boys side” with that we both were laughing until she punched me softly on the arm and said “that's why I buy from a female vendor”

I see her every morning walking past and now she stops for a chat and a laugh. I know she will never buy a magazine from me but I know we will be friends.

One of my customers said “good morning Grant” as she walked past and then turned around and asked me “In your blog you say you would tell about 10 people a day about there zippers, is that really true?” I said “It makes me red faced as well” I looked down and placed my magazine in front of her pants. I didn't have to say anything she just looked down, went red faced, zipped up and walked away very quickly saying “thank you”. I know I said to myself “I tell them and tell them but do they listen.” ha ha

Well it's two weeks till Christmas day. I've been handing out my Christmas cards to nearly all my customers now. (Some I've not seen). The one thing I've noticed is the different attitudes coming from people when they get one. Some people talk about religion, some say it's only for the shopping centres to make a lot of money, and then there's the kids. It's the jolly big guy (Santa) that gives them presents for being good, and it's magical.

Here's how I see it.

Weather your religious or not it's a great thing. If Christmas means anything else to me it's showing love to your family and friends and the magic of seeing them smile.

Homeless who do have family's call them or maybe even see them. I know last Christmas I seen my brothers as I know I'll see them this Christmas. We all don't get along every well but we make an effort for mum to be together for Christmas. Really I'm glad because although we don't get along I like knowing there's that one day of the year we do see each other.

I've been handing out Christmas cards to a lot of people (mostly customers), but a few days before Christmas I'm going to hand them out to homeless people with a pie. Well as many as I can afford. There is charities doing special things too because Christmas isn't just for the people that can do great gifts it's for people who want to spread joy and for some to forget there life's problems and think of good things.

This is only my views but really anything that makes people happier and think of others can't be a bad thing.

A guy I know (Will) who has accommodation staying in lodge came up to me while I was working and asked “ Grant you drink beer don't you?” I replied “yes mate why?” He placed his bag down and pulled out a long neck of beer and handed it to me. “Merry Christmas mate” I accepted the beer and thanked him. Then noticed the bottle had been opened and was half full. “ Mate you been drinking it already?” He just smiled and said “I bought it for you and walked into the city from home (He lives in the valley about 30 minute walk) it's a long way and I had to drink something.” I laughed and handed the bottle back to him saying “mate you need the other half to have something to drink on the way back” He took the bottle and said “Good idea” and whistled as he started walking back home. Now I first meet Will about 9 months ago at an op shop buying cloths. He wanted some warm pants and a couple of shirts. The bill was only about $14 total. I was standing behind him buying a jacket.

Will put all he's money on the counter and started putting aside his rent money different things like that. This guy had money everywhere. After a few minutes he had said to me “sorry for taking for long” he worked out what he could buy and put a shirt back. I picked the shirt up and handed him the shirt and the $2.50 to buy it saying it's going to be cold winter mate.

Been great friends ever since. Just don't go drinking with him, he whistles all night. Ha ha.

I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a great New Year.
I only have one Christmas wish and that's, everyone is safe over the holidays.

Thank you for reading. If you like it then please tell others about my site.
Grant the Polite Guy.


  1. Merry Christmas mate! Sorry I couldn't talk to you Saturday - wild weather caused a change of plans. I'll try and catch up soon. Best wishes for 2011!

  2. Great reading. Keep up the good work.Thanks.

    Merry Christmas to you!

  3. Love reading your stories Grant! Keep them coming :)

  4. I am loving reading your stories. You bring a smile to my face. Look forward to lots more.

    Merry Christmas Grant!