Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Bike Pump.

Okay I know Christmas is a time to show people you care or at least thinking about them. But really a gift a got today from a customer really makes me wonder. Ha ha

I'm working and this guy comes up with a great smile and says “Grant I got you something for Christmas.” and hands me a gift covered with newspaper. I of course say thank you and say you shouldn't have. Now most people want to leave quickly before I open it but not this guy. I open it and it's a second hand bike tyre pump. Ha ha. I say “mate I don't own a bike” in a joking way he says “I thought about that but at least this is a start.” I politely thanked him for the present and he quickly asked me to join him for a drink at his place.

A few hours later I realised giving me the bike pump was his way of saying hello to a friend. I don't know which was worst getting extra things to carry around when I move about ( I move about a lot and keep the things I carry to a need only) or his whistling (yes it was my old friend Will. I have posted about him before.

Getting gifts is great but sometimes it's the friendships or love behind the gift that matters. I know I'm not the only one that gets gifts like these. Please share with others on our forum at http://www.grantsmates.freeforum.org/ I know a lot of people read this blog but don't use the forum. It's for everyone.

I have my son (15 year old) Aaron (from Melbourne) and my little princess Jasmine (7 year old) spending time with me over Christmas. We will be staying at my parents house. Oh by the way, they don't know what I do for a living, not because I'm embarrassed but I don't want them to worry. I don't lie to them because they visited me in hospital after my accident many of times. They just think I've healed a lot faster and better. So please if you know them don't say anything because it will only worry them and there old and don't need it.

When I was young my parents brought me up teaching me values. Manners, Respect, Do the right thing by people, always be helpful, Someone that can be counted on when need it. Lot's of good things like that. Trust me I'm no saint. Ha ha But I try.

So I'm thinking how can I teach my kids the same values without being successful?

I have posted that on Christmas Day I'm going to hand out pies and drinks to the homeless as a good will, Well I'm going to take my kids to help me to hand them out. Not to scare them, but to show them that doing a good thing is it's own reward. I hope, ha ha. If anyone wants to join me then please email me and I'm sorry for the short notice. I'm sure this will help not just the homeless but the kids as well.

I have a list of the food vans handing out food and drinks on Christmas day that I know about. Please if you know a homeless person or someone in need then print this and hand it to them. Everyone should feel special on Christmas Day.

6:30AM Ecumenical Coffee Brigade, Fortitude Valley, Ivory Street
6:30AM Wickham Christmas Breakfast, BBQ, Wickham Park, Cnr Wickham Tce and Albert Street
7:00AM Wesley Christmas Service, Wickham Park, Cnr Wickham Tce and Albert Street
7:00AM Ecumenical Coffee Brigade, Wickham Park, Cnr Wickham Tce and Albert  Street
7:00AM Jimmy's Van, BBQ, Riverside Drive under GO BETWEEN BRIDGE
7:20AM Ecumenical Coffee Brigade, Riverside Drive under GO BETWEEN BRIDGE
7:40AM Ecumenical Coffee Brigade, City Botanic Gardens River Stage
12 noon Hunt 4 Homeless Co } 139 CLUB, Lunch, 505 Brunswick Street Fortitude Valley
12:30pm Wesley Mission, Christmas Lunch, Lunch Deck in King George Square (Ann Street side)
7:00pm Vital connection, Christmas dinner, Vegetarian, Little Roma Street Car Park, Cnr Turbot and Roma Street
7:30pm Rosies Youth Mission, Emma Miller Place or Little Roma Street

Please know that I am getting information from a lot of countries about where help is for the homeless. If you know about food vans or places that help then please email me at grantthepoliteguy@gmail.com


  1. Grant you don't need to be successful to teach your kids values. You are showing them in everything you say and do. Taking them with you on Christmas day to help the homeless is a fantastic way of showing them too.

    I hope you all have a wonderful time together this Christmas.

  2. welcome


  3. Hey,You are really a funny man.Wish you a happy new year.

  4. Hi Grant, Have a merry Christmas and enjoy your children - they are lucky to have a father who loves them so much and who touches so many peoples lives with his wonderful blog.

    I tried to email you a Christmas message but I received an invalid address message - it seems that others have reached you on that address so perhaps there is something wrong? Could you let us know if it is still working.

    Take care. Nette :-)