Monday, December 6, 2010

If you quit you never win, but if you never quit you can't lose. Oh Yeah

Oh did I get a wake up call this morning. But first let me explain the background. I won't go into details because it wouldn't be right.

About 5 weeks ago I was working selling my magazines and a guy looking troubled stopped to buy one. So me being me just started saying things like “So hows your day mate” well we talked about different things like how I had my accident and the 9 months in hospital and about never giving up no-matter what. He left a little happier and of course with one of my thank you notes. This guy comes back 20 minutes later and gives me a bottle of coke and a lotto ticket saying “You helped me more then you'll ever know”. I felt good about myself and put the ticket in my pocket.

The next Sunday morning was raining and my back had really hurt all night. I really didn't want to work but I needed the money. So on the way to work I went to the newsagent to check that ticket. Oh you know what I'm going to say and YES it won $26.85. Not a lot but enough not to work that day. I remember thinking “today's going to a great day”

Two days later I see the same guy and I went to him saying “Mate you won't believe it but it won $26.85” with and big smile and handing him the stub I got with the amount on it. He went to hand it back when I said “You keep that mate and know you helped me more then you'll ever know”. We became great friends after that.

Okay fast forward to this morning. This guy comes up to me saying “Are you telling me after your talk about us never giving up that you are giving up” He had a smile and I really didn't know what he was talking about. I mean I knew who he was, but what was I giving up. I said “mate I never give up that's the deal we made to each other. This guy turns his smile into a grin and says “Don't quit because you could help a lot of people, I better see some changes on that blog of yours”. ha ha

He walks away grinning and thinking he was good. Ha ha. He was. The talks of me encouraging him on that day came flooding back and I remembered saying things like “no matter what happens in life there's always better days” and “ nothing is impossible, just things you haven't worked out how to do yet” nice things like that. I know he reads my posts so let me say “you could have said you would have helped me to work out this tech stuff out” I would have bought you a bottle of coke and a lotto ticket. Ha ha.

I did realise that when I encourage or help someone, that really I'm helping myself and know I'm doing something good and really there's no better feeling.

Now you'd think that would enough but there's more. 11 emails and comments saying great things. Now I know it looks like I'm saying I'm great but the one thing I keep thinking about right now is something my dad would always say to me when I was younger “You can always judge a person by not how much money they have but by the number of friends he has” I feel wealthy right now.

The blog will stay and I'll work out the website and forum as soon as I can.

Now if you go to my website. When you see the writing read it and scroll down and click on the word Forum at the end. Not the address under it because I can't get that link working right yet. Ha ha. I really don't know much about build forum's, websites and links yet but I won't quit trying. If there's someone that knows how to help please do see me I can pay with magazines or money each week in payments. (I'm good for it).

I have such great plans for helping people and doing great stories for people to read. I do ask if you enjoy reading my blog then please help me to tell others and join the forum. Once you have joined then all you have to do is click on the favourites button on your computer and you will have the link forever on your computer.

I'm sorry I talked about stopping this blog. I won't quit because sometimes you have to say “I've quit to many times and now nothing will stop me”.

Thank you for reading my Blog and I hope you have a great day.
Grant the Polite Guy.

P.S If you quit you never win, but if you never quit you can't lose. Oh Yeah.
If someone learns how to start new post in forum then please email or comment me how. Hey I'm learning. haha


  1. Dont give up Grant, anything worth doing takes time.

    Emily Jade MMM

  2. Hi Grant,

    Congratulations on not giving up! Your last post had me worried for a moment.

    I'm a technical support officer and geek hobbyist and would love to try and give you a hand sometime. I will be in the city on Saturday afternoon so if you let me know where you will be I will try and track you down and have a quick word.

    Keep up the good work mate!


  3. Hi Grant,

    I'm glad you've decided to keep going because I really enjoy reading your stories, and I'm sure others do too.

    Just stick with the blog for a while and build up your followers, then maybe in the future you can have one all-encompassing website.

    I would recommend browsing through other blogs for ideas ( Refer to the help section if you need (

    The "In Plain English" series on You Tube is really good. You should check out this one on blogs:

    Hope these tips help.


  4. Sooooooooooo glad you've decided to keep blogging :)