Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A great finish of a day

Life is great. I have told people that I move around a lot. But a few weeks ago a customer asked if I wanted to buy her old computer. I said I could make payments and buy it for doing my blog. I'd just take computer where ever I go. She said “it may need fixing but it was a good computer” so I started asking around and next thing I know 'The little fat man' (his nickname for himself) said “he'd be happy to look at it and fix it for free”.

A few days later he told me “the computer was not worth fixing that it was old” but also said “he could put one together for me” So yesterday he came walking towards me with a great big smile and handed me a computer and told me that he uploaded all the windows and things like that. Yes I had my own computer. No more $2 for 21 minutes at the shopping centre.

I get it to where I'm staying, plug it all in and it works great. Ha ha I'm using it now. Now that in itself is good but wait there's more. Ha ha. I check my messages on blog and email. I got so many messages saying don't quit and one guy Bede said he knows a lot about blogs and things and is willing to meet me on Saturday to help me out with things I don't know. Oh now my day could not get any better, but there's more a customer I had and thought of as a great friend (but not seen for a year) emailed me out of the blue and said don't quit and she was in Germany and coming back to Australia in the new year. Right now I'm thinking today I have to buy a lotto ticket because my day was going so well. Ha ha

I keep reading all my emails and comments and doing replies of course. I opened one comment and read it and just had to rush down and buy that lotto ticket. The comment was from Emily Jade from MMM radio station. I know a lot of readers are from other countries so let me say in Brisbane it's only the best and biggest radio station out there. I sold Emily Jade a magazine and gave her a thank you note. Not long after she was reading it on the air and saying how polite I was and the fact I had beautiful blue eyes. They treated me so well they rang me and put me on the air too. A day to remember.

Later the whole MMM breakfast crew came out to help sell the Big Issue Magazines for the day. Now I'm very thankful for such well known successful people like the Breakfast crew to take there time out to help people. If you remember in an older post 'Skip' from the MMM radio station bought a magazine from me. Today's going to be a great day.

I know I only ever listen to MMM on 104.5 F.M when I have a radio of course. Ha ha. I just thought of it I can listen to them on the net when online. Great stuff.

I'd like to say thank you for reading my blog and don't forget I'm sending Christmas cards to everyone that sends an postal address, just email or put it in a comment which I won't post.

I hope you all have a great day.
Grant the Polite Guy.


  1. Awesome!!! What a cool day for you :)

    I was thinking about your forum and perhaps you could get help from a IT student (someone who knows what they are doing and needs to create some web pages to build up their portfolio) Sometimes these people will do the work for free - just and idea...

  2. What a fantastic day for you Grant. There are some beautiful people out there, you being one of them :o)