Friday, December 3, 2010


WOW I have alot of thank you's to do. Where to start first...
Thank you to the people in other counrties that sent there postal address for a Christmas card. I'll post them next week. So far 32 people in 5 different countries that I now call mates.

Thank you to the people that have been to my new web-site. I know it's not much, but it's a great start.

Thank you to the people who have joined my Forum. I must be honest I used a tudor to build it and I'm still not smart enough to work it right yet. But I'm learning. ha ha To go to it please go to and where I have writing from me scroll down and it's there. I know this is bad but I just don't know how to do it right. Trust me it makes me angry too.

At the bottom of the forum is a chest asking for donations for the forum. Please know that, that money don't go to me in any way. I don't get to build anything or use. It's paid so you don't see ads (which are not mine).
I'm not sure if this is coming out right. I could use help with money to build this megasite but that chest isn't for me. And yet I don't want to be mean. It's a free forum for me and they get money from ads and chest. So far the only way i can make this pay for itself is the ads on my web-site.

Thank you to the people that hit that F button at the bottom of each post here to tell there friends on facebook about this site. I'm building all this mostly because it doing something good with my life right now and everyone seems to think it's a great idea.

The biggest Thank you is for my customers that say "Hi Grant" as they walk by. I know I wouldn't have gotten this far without people saying things like "I like it don't stop" and "Build it because you could help alot of people" and the comments I get here at the end of post. So Thankyou all

I noticed my Forum has a chat box. People can chat to each other by typing and the message comes up right away and they reply quicky. I can't wait to chat to some of you just to hear your ideas and to say "hi"

Thankyou all for reading my Blog.
Grant the Polite Guy.

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