Thursday, December 16, 2010

Laptop Guy

I was feeling down and wanted something to lift myself up. No not drugs, I have better. Ha ha. I read all my comments and emails. I will say this WOW did I have a lot of emails, mostly because they tried to send comments on here and it didn't work. 3 hours later I finished writing Christmas cards to 9 different countries. 86 cards going out in total which I'll send out today. Do I have a lot of mates or what? Ha ha. Here's what counties are getting sent today.
A lot Australia
United States
New Zealand
South Korea.

Oh is my hand sore. Ha ha which is good because it takes my mind off my back hurting.

Now some people will say “why send them? I make little money and it cost a lot to send anything overseas.” Well I know there's nothing like opening a card and reading that special message inside. Just knowing it's for you. A person does feel good knowing someone cares enough to buy it, write on it and send it or hand it to you. I encourage everyone to go get some cards (there not that expensive) and write something nice to someone. You'll feel good doing it and they'll feel better receiving it. You still have 9 days left. I have received a few cards from my customers and I love rereading them a lot and I did get a card posted to me. I felt very lucky thank you. If anyone else wants to post me a card then please do I love them. Please post to
To Grant Richards
C/O The Big Issue Office
62 Peel St
South Brisbane, 4101

I'm happy to send heaps more out. So feel free to send your name and postal address in an email to me at.

Okay let me start with how my day started at work. I turned up to work at about 6 am ready to sell my magazines. A guy comes up and says “morning Grant” as I always say “good morning” to him. He's a great guy that passes every morning. But this morning he stops and turns back to face me and says “If your going to be in the centrefold of a calender the least you could do is look better.” Now don't take this the wrong way. He was joking and laughing and everything was good. I replied “I come to work ready for 200 people to say hi to me and I feel good and you want to start my day off like that. No Christmas card for you” I was laughing too.

I ask the next friendly face I saw. What did she think about my picture in the calender? She asked why and I told her what the other guy had said while laughing. See laughed and agreed with him. So I told her no Christmas card. I already knew I have given both a Christmas card but it was fun saying it. It was great having a joke with friends because life needs some fun to keep smiling.

Oh I have a great karma story for you that happen today.
I'll be honest I really can't believe this one myself, so dumb. This guy went into a bottle shop and put his bag down near the doorway. ( a lot of bottle shops like you to leave your bag at the doorway while looking around or they search it) Well this guy walks around and puts bottles in his pocket. Walks towards the counter and asks the sales guy for a bottle on one of the sheaves. The guy turns around and yep the guy runs out with bottles in his pocket.

The first I hear is the sales guy yelling for him to stop. He didn't. I was bored so I asked what happened. The sales guy filled me in on what had happened. Then he noticed the bag still there. We open it together and JACKPOT a laptop computer with lots of uni papers including his name on everything. Real dumb. Ha ha

I'm sure you all have seen dumb people doing dumb things. Hey share your stories with everyone else on our forum just click on
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I hope you all have a great day.
Grant the Polite Guy

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  1. Hopefully it wasn't just a bag he had stolen!