Thursday, December 9, 2010

Wrong Way

This one I feel bad about but really when people are rude they really deserve what they get.

There I was working and it was very quiet when a couple came walking towards me. So me beening good at what I do I stepped over to them and said “Big Issue, Magazine or Calender?” with a warm and friendly smile.

They ignored me all together. Like I was standing near in front of them and no-one else within 30 metres at least. These two just walk pass as if I wasn't there. Now please don't get the wrong idea I would say 95% of people don't buy and say “no” or something like that and you accept that. In fact I always say “have a nice day anyway” when they do say no.

This couple walked there way, when one of them swung around and headed right towards me. A second later the second followed. The wife stopped in front of me and asked “where's the Casino?” (no please or excuse me)

Well I get ask for directions all the time so this was nothing new. I replied “You just go straight and go through the Mall and when you get to the end it's right across the road on the right” which is the way. They started walking towards the direction I sent them really before I had finished. (no thank you or anything) I remember thinking I hope they lose all there money for being rude. Sorry but it's true.

They had taken a few steps away when I said “yeah have a nice day” in a nice but not very pleasant voice. Thinking them being rude shows there standards not mine. The husband turns around and said “what did you say?” I just repeated “yeah have a nice day” I was thinking he may have thought I had said something nasty. But he hadn't.

He turned to his wife and said “he's sending us the wrong way. Look at him smiling and saying have a nice day” he grabbed he's wife's arm and started heading in the opposite way. Now I was about to stop them and assure they I had told them that I had told them the right way but stopped myself when he said “F**king bum get a job” Oh I was smiling and thinking and then said “have a nice day”

About 8 minutes later I saw them walking on the other side of the road heading in the right direction. I hate yelling to talk, but I did smile a lot at them. I do hate saying this but. It felt good knowing I gave them the right directions. Ha ha

I had a customer come to me a month ago and asked to buy another magazine. I quickly asked “I sold one to you yesterday didn't I” He replied “I went home and showed your 'thank you note' to my daughter Jess which's is only 9 years old and she said she wanted to use her pocket money to buy a magazine too”. I signed it saying something about being polite.

So this is to Jess my youngest customer. Using your manners and being polite shows your standards as being a good girl and when others don't use there manners then that shows there standards. I know which I'd say “hello” to. Thank you for buying a magazine and I hope you have a great day.

I know why a 9 year old buys my magazine. Is there any stories why you do? Please share your story on my forum at
Grant the Polite Guy.


  1. I'm so glad you don't let people like that get you down. Some people are just so rude - I hope they lost their money too!

    Good on Jess for buying the mag, what a sweet little girl.

  2. Good on Jess for putting her pocket money together for such a great guy like Grant. I'll be sure that my children know the value of being polite to others, and also helping people where they can!