Saturday, December 11, 2010


I have so many great people to tell you about. But this lady is up there with the best. Sonia walks past most mornings and always stops to chat. Always calling me “sweetheart” or saying “Your such a beautiful Guy”. Lots of nice things like that. (I really love being called Sweetheart) haha. Now what makes it even better is this lady is so successful in her career and great looking that most models would be jealous just being in the same room. So as you can guess I love it when Sonia comes walking pass it really brightens my day. She has one of them personality’s that's just so alive. I thank her every time. Really I'm proud just to know her.

I once asked what she does for a job? Sonia replied that she is a Private Wealth Manger Insurance. Now I must say I really didn't know what all that meant, now I do. I quickly told her I have $58 in the bank for a rainy day. She could invest that. She smiled and called me a “sweetheart” again. I did work harder that day and put another $26 in the bank and at the time thinking I'll raise more then Sonia can manage my savings for me. Of course I had a smile on my face and knew it'd take a lot more.

If any of you need a Private Wealth Manger. Sonia works for the Commonwealth Private in the city. 32373103. If you mention my blog she will call me “sweetheart and beautiful Guy” more. Ha ha
A few days ago I had a lady approach me while working saying “Her husband goes to the botanical Gardens every Tuesday morning and cooks bacon and eggs for the homeless). I started talking to her about what a great thing she's doing.

She said that her husband went there this morning and no-one turned up. I must say my heart sank. All I could think about was these people could help so many people because they want to, but can't because no-one knows or the ones that did know don't need the help any-more or have moved on.

I gave her one of my thank you notes and asked her to email me all the information. I'm still waiting. I do know next Tuesday morning I'll be telling all the homeless people I know about it. If you talk to anyone that's homeless please just let them know. Free bacon and eggs at the Botanical Gardens Tuesday mornings.

Ash and Phil are going to be working with to build the mega-site which will have it's own page for homeless helps and information. I have spoken to a lot of churches and charities and they all have information but some more then others. I did ask if I put together a site where all information was available would they use it. I smile when they said yes. You see different charities know of information in there area mostly. An example may be Ipswich may not know a lot that helps in West End and visa versa.

My aim is to have as much information as possible about charities and churches that do help. I have often said we don't need more resources we need to know where they are. The guy with the bacon and eggs a great example.

Some people have asked me about where to go to do volunteering. Well I'll be able to post information about all that to. Connecting the ones who want to help with the ones who need the help. In Australia at first then everywhere.

I'd very much like any ideas people have that I should do. So please go to the forum and voice your ideas. I'm not really sure on a lot and really all the ideas the better. Ha ha

P.S I have great news. Last year I was Vendor of the year but yesterday I was awarded Big Brother of The Year - Most Helpful Vendor 2010. It'll be on my badge all of next year and I got a certificate and the best bit a $10 gift card. Today's going to be a great day.

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  1. I have to agree with Sonia.. You are a Sweetheart and a beautiful guy as well.. I am so glad you are my special friend. :)

  2. Congratulations on your wonderful title - Big Brother of the Year - Most Helpful Vendor. What an honour. From all I read on your blog you deserve it very much :o)