Wednesday, December 1, 2010

One person can't change the world but an idea can

First of all, I'd like to thank you all of you for reading my blog. I can say I love writing the stories and the comments I get. I really feel like I am giving something back and I have more value in myself.

I've done it. Only having fresh-air and sunshine (raining today. Ha ha) with help from two great new mates, I've put together a small website and forum.

But first if I may, tell you about me and my new drive.
After the fall and spending 9 months in hospital, I felt lost and in short time watched the perfect world I had leave me. The house, the family and my dear dog, with all the asserts. I found myself in a park in the city. Not knowing where to go or really if I cared to.

A year and a half later I'm still moving around a bit, but I have a different outlook on everything. I mostly think I've already had the worst day in my life and any day after that has to be a great day. When I started doing this blog I wanted to just do nice/funny stories that I see or hear. But things have changed since then. I've been asked by customers to help homeless and myself talking to homeless people myself, I've noticed like me they really don't know where and what help there is out there.

So I'm building a mega-website. This mega-website will have a great homepage with a forum and of course my blog but this site will have information about all homeless help. Not just in Brisbane but everywhere. I'm going to build a site so no-matter where you are there is information. I believe a lot of the homeless can be helped fast not by giving more resources but letting them know where the resources are.

I must be honest I never knew about all the help these people needed. But I know now.

I've started with only free sites and as I get the funds I'll build it bigger and faster. Making money from the ads on the website will help me to do this faster. I do ask, please use these sites and help me to let everyone know. The website and forum is small but it's a great start. I'm going to keep using this blog for my stories until the mega-site is up and running. The website is at and our great forum is at I thank you again for everything and I hope you have a great day.
Grant The Polite Guy.

P.S If anyone knows of charities or help given to the homeless and much needy please email me on


  1. Great Idea Grant,

    I'll also help you where I can :) hope it takes off

  2. Excellent - good to see it's up and running. It will take time for people to start posting but you'll get there :)

  3. God bless you Grant, keep it up :-). also, have a great Christmas. if your in London, Crisis are holding a free Christmas do for the homeless. take care